OLA! IOLLA Sunnies!

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You’ve heard me harping on about IOLLA on here before. Remember? Well I’m still a huge fan. As if their fit frames, astonishing value and revolutionary specs-shopping approach wasn’t enough, I’ve persuaded the Husbando into a pair and it’s worked wonders for our marriage. IOLLA, I owe you one. MUCH TO MY DELIGHT, IOLLA have Read the Rest »


90’s Flippy Slip Dresses

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90’s fashion is making a comeback everywhere this summer. While I absolutely cannot condone the resurgence of the ‘bucket hat’ – I still have the scarring image of myself wearing one on a school exchange to Germany burned painfully on my mind (HORRIFIC) – I am bang on board with the return of flippy little slip dresses. Read the Rest »


It’s Fashion Revolution Week! #whomademyclothes

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Feel a bit sick when you think about where your clothes might have come from and who really made them? Well Fashion Revolution is back in Scotland for a third year, calling for greater transparency in the global fashion supply chain and celebrating those on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future Read the Rest »

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Pretty awesome in pink.

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My love of the rosey hues of late knows no bounds. It all started with this pink quilted sweater  from Topshop (a wardrobe staple, I hear you cry) but my thirst for those peachy tones will not be quenched until I’m top to toe in the stuff and trotting along like Percy Pig himself. If you fancy Read the Rest »

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The Great Stitchery Sewing Bee – Enter TODAY and Sew Your SOCKS Off

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Remember our lovely pal Cass at The Stitchery? Remember their on-a-smaller-scale-but-just-as-hugely-fabulous take on the Great British Sewing Bee last year? Well it’s BACK. I KNOW.  If you need a little flavour of the day to wet your appetite, HERE is a cheeky vid they put together after last year’s. This years competition is set to take Read the Rest »


A Little Red Dress

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I’d love to say I was a shrinking violet, a wallflower. But I’m pretty sure I’m not. I’m not one of those classy people who doesn’t say too much but says just enough. I say all of the things. Loudly. In mohair. Or a denim jumpsuit. Or both. And I never, however hard I try, look Read the Rest »


Rock a Sparkly Frock

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Thank GOODNESS we are back in sparkly frock season. Get that jingly jangly, sequin-clad beauty out from the back of your wardrobe, the one that would look ridiculous at any other moment other than an evening in December, dust it off, and shake your shimmy. OR if you want to invest in a new one, Read the Rest »

I’m switching up my look.

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Have you heard I’m switching up my look? Well I am. BIG TIME. (When I say BIG TIME, I basically mean I’m going to buy some new shiz, not like I’m going to emerge looking like Lady Gaga or something. Sorry to disappoint. I realise my liberal use of the phrase ‘switching up my look’ Read the Rest »


IOLLA – The BRAND NEW Scottish specs we’ve got our eye on.

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Every idea starts with a problem.  For two Glasgow based entrepreneurs; Brian McGuire and Stefan Hunter, this was simple: glasses are difficult to buy.  They believe that traditional optical retailers bombard frame wearers with too many upsells, high price points and a poor choice of eyewear.  New Scottish start-up was started to offer an alternative, Read the Rest »


Scottish Designer Aymee Charlton Launches Collection Online

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Aberdeen based designer, Aymee, is bucking the trend and moving away from fast fashion. Inspired by her surroundings in the North East of Scotland, she creates everything using organic materials and is able to trace where every element is from down to the smallest detail. With a mix of organic cottons, boiled wool and bamboo Read the Rest »