A Christmas Barnet

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by Amy Murch It’s always hard when your faced with a ‘Christmas do’ – I never have a clue what to do with my hair. I mean some people go ALL OUT and go to the hairdresser for the job, but frankly, at this time of year I just don’t have the cash to be Read the Rest »


How’s your Pre-Christmas-Party-Body-Blitz going? Amy tells it how it is.

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So here’s the truth. I like pies. I like cakes, I like pastry, I like chocolate, I like carbs, I like chippies, I like Chinese, I like bread of all kinds, I like desserts and I LOVE biscuits. And crisps. Unfortunately, the above combination along with a wonky metabolism has somewhat affected my size and Read the Rest »


Quick and Easy Up-Do with Socks and Donuts! (yes, really)

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By Kezia Hall  Apologies if you excitedly clicked this page hoping I was going to tell you that a Kirspy Kreme would help you look glamorous this festive season and perhaps even aid you in styling your barnet – alas I am sorry to disappoint you but (aside from tasting like heaven) a Krispy Kreme Read the Rest »


Naturally Clear Skin with No Faff or Chemicals – with Kezia Hall

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You may have gathered by now that I am not a big fan of chemicals, toxins or anything that is unpronounceable entering or being on my body. Don’t worry, I am not uber weird about the thought of chemical based beauty (I love a good shellac manicure – definitely not natural or chemical free!) but Read the Rest »


Combat Dry Skin This Winter

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I think winter might be here. I’m drawing this conclusion because suddenly, with very little warning, my skin has decided to fall apart. It happens around this time of year, every year. My hands begin to dry up to the point where they are just about cracking and, inevitably, as I reach for my mittens, Read the Rest »


Halloween … but a little bit hotter.

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Make-up is a strange and wonderful thing. It can alter your face dramatically. Call me a pussy (though I’d rather you didn’t) but I’d say a Halloween face, when someone has really gone for it, creepy contacts included, can be a pretty frightening thing. OK, so once you have confirmed that the individual hasn’t actually unzipped half their face/lost Read the Rest »


What’s on your face? Mabel investigates organic make-up

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Kezia has been helping us all out a little bit in regards to what we put in our bodies – read more HERE and check out her SUPER website HERE – but what about what we put on our bodies? I’m not going to lie, up until a couple of weeks ago it wouldn’t have occurred to me that organic make-up Read the Rest »


It’s time for Mabel to get ‘Naturally Slim’ *EXCLUSIVE READERS DISCOUNT*

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You will have noticed frequent posts from the lovely Kezia Hall recently on Mabel’s Log. She is a tremendous lady who takes natural, healthy living to a new level. It’s all very inspiring. As someone who is her friend, I can tell you that it isn’t all talk, this is how she genuinely lives her life. She Read the Rest »


Top Notch Organic Skin Care by Skin Guru ** FREE GIVEAWAY **

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When Lorraine started Skin Guru, she was on a mission to create an honest skincare brand using effective, natural ingredients. After years working for a globally renowned cosmetics brand, she was fed up of the constant use of chemical and toxic ingredients in high-end products (some of which are linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, hormone disruption and skin Read the Rest »


Five Ways To Become Healthier TODAY with Kezia Hall

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Hello once more. I hope this wee post finds you well and you are not too sad about summer passing away. I am consoling myself with the fact that I can wear my fluffy boots again and and begin to buy more garishly coloured tights – a favourite pastime of mine. Today I am going Read the Rest »