Amy’s Best New Make-Up Bag Basics

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In the wake of last week’s make-up bag Spring clean, don’t worry if you now have absolutely no make-up left at all, Amy is back to tell us what to replace the void with. And, as usual, she’s doing it with style. )  


Does your make-up bag look like a crime scene?

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By Amy Murch I need to admit something. I’m a bit of a hoarder. And when I say a bit, I mean a whole lot of hoarding. This all came to a head when I was packing to go away for the weekend and I couldn’t fit in all of my make-up stash. I cut Read the Rest »


“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” Coco Chanel

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By Amy Murch “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”   Coco Chanel. At three years old, much to my sisters’ dismay, I took Coco’s advice and (not so secretly) shoved my tiny sausage fingers into their little pots of solid perfume, just because I wanted a (literal) piece their fragrance action. You’re Read the Rest »


Belles of the Brits 2014

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By Lizzie Ford The Brit Awards used to be a BIG night in for me as a teenager. Mainly because of all the fit boys in their Adidas Sambas and parka jackets. I’m not gonna lie, it’s still a look I’m partial to now. We even had a family cat called Jarvis Cocker following that 1996 Read the Rest »


A pick of the FINEST vintage living room workouts

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By Kezia Hall Hello 2014 and hello fellow Mabelites! Now I hope this new year has not met you with too much groan, sulking or alarm clock rage ( it has in my house!) but that you have bounced into the new year full of energy and exuberance (I am waiting for this to kick Read the Rest »


Mabel’s Magnificent Magnesium Bath Soak

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By Lizzie Ford If your body needs a little TLC this January and you’re looking for a way to while away the long dark evenings then hop into the tub with this delicious homemade remedy and you’ll feel brand new. The magnesium in this concoction does amazing things for your body. Apparently the majority of Read the Rest »


A Christmas Barnet

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by Amy Murch It’s always hard when your faced with a ‘Christmas do’ – I never have a clue what to do with my hair. I mean some people go ALL OUT and go to the hairdresser for the job, but frankly, at this time of year I just don’t have the cash to be Read the Rest »


How’s your Pre-Christmas-Party-Body-Blitz going? Amy tells it how it is.

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So here’s the truth. I like pies. I like cakes, I like pastry, I like chocolate, I like carbs, I like chippies, I like Chinese, I like bread of all kinds, I like desserts and I LOVE biscuits. And crisps. Unfortunately, the above combination along with a wonky metabolism has somewhat affected my size and Read the Rest »


Quick and Easy Up-Do with Socks and Donuts! (yes, really)

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By Kezia Hall  Apologies if you excitedly clicked this page hoping I was going to tell you that a Kirspy Kreme would help you look glamorous this festive season and perhaps even aid you in styling your barnet – alas I am sorry to disappoint you but (aside from tasting like heaven) a Krispy Kreme Read the Rest »


Naturally Clear Skin with No Faff or Chemicals – with Kezia Hall

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You may have gathered by now that I am not a big fan of chemicals, toxins or anything that is unpronounceable entering or being on my body. Don’t worry, I am not uber weird about the thought of chemical based beauty (I love a good shellac manicure – definitely not natural or chemical free!) but Read the Rest »