Fringe Benefits

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I blame Zooey Deschanel. I blame her IN FULL for my obsession with fringes. I mean, she is just WONDERFUL. To those who are insanely irritated by her, I say “STOP BEING A DIV, SHE IS WELL FUN”. And she works the fringe oh SO well. All who know me will know that every single time I Read the Rest »


Wellbeing For Life Workshop

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Ever wondered where to begin when it comes to getting healthy and being well? What food to eat, beauty products to use or whose advice to follow? We all want to look and feel our best so let us show you how you can begin. Mabel’s resident Holistic Health Coach, Kezia Hall, and Arbonne Consultant, Gaynor Simpson, are hosting a short taster workshop Read the Rest »


Amy’s Organic Beauty Revolution

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By Amy Murch This week I have been on a massive organic journey. The folks over at Green People got in touch with Mabel to ask if I would like to be part of a team of five bloggers taking part in their ‘Organic Blogger Challenge’  and basically swap all my normal products for a Read the Rest »


DIY Organic Face Cream

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By Kezia Hall There is nothing I love more (other than a basket full of organic vegetables) than a beauty product. Even better still, a homemade, dirt cheap, beauty product that actually works and happens to be organic! Equal to my love of beauty products and things that claim to ‘transform’ my life (I once spent Read the Rest »


The Heel Deal

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Amy is fresh off a flight from her holibobs and ready to give us some CHAT. Time to get those fusty feet in order …

25 mins excericse mabel

The Commonwealth Legacy – Every Day Fitness in 25 Minutes

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By Kezia Hall I have become an avid sports fan. WHO would have thought this would happen? Never in all my days did I think I could be transfixed by watching weight lifting. So much so, I booked tickets to see it live! I’m a convert. I mean, rugby has always had it appeal (for obvious Read the Rest »


MAC Attack

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By Amy Murch For some reason, up until now, I haven’t been able to wear lipstick. Get out your violins. My sisters have deliberated if it’s because my lips are just too thin, or if it’s because I don’t have the right skin tone (how kind) – either way, it hasn’t seemed to work. To Read the Rest »


Once You Shellac, You Don’t Go Back

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Hi. I’m Amy and I’m a Shellac-er. There, I’ve said it. Ooft, glad I got that off my chest. When I was wee, my beauty weakness was a set of bright red 80s stick-on fingernails which I would flamboyantly parade around to various family members, theatrically throwing my hands in their faces asking “Hoooooow d’you Read the Rest »

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Give Your Skin a Kiehl’s Treat

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By Amy Murch So last week we took a casual wander down Buchanan street and headed into the launch of the newest branch of the supreme skincare branch, Kiehl’s. Let me tell you, it was a feast for all the senses, what with some serious beats being knocked out by DJ Yasmin, unbelieveable Auchentoshan cocktails Read the Rest »


The one when Amy met Commonwealth swimmer Robbie Renwick (and stroked his legs)

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I was quite a late starter to the whole swimming thing. A very dramatic near drowning experience in a water park aged 10 encouraged my mum to enrol me in swimming lessons -cue me being awkwardly surrounded by 5 year old water babies who were practically nailing the butterfly in lesson 1. Still, I powered Read the Rest »