The one when Amy met Commonwealth swimmer Robbie Renwick (and stroked his legs)

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I was quite a late starter to the whole swimming thing. A very dramatic near drowning experience in a water park aged 10 encouraged my mum to enrol me in swimming lessons -cue me being awkwardly surrounded by 5 year old water babies who were practically nailing the butterfly in lesson 1. Still, I powered Read the Rest »


Kick Your Hay Fever The Natural Way

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by Kezia Hall I love summer. Wearing sandals, actually needing ice in beverages, and watching my skin becoming less pasty and more radiant (well a girl can hope, right?) The downfall of this wondrous, light-filled season is the horrendous hay fever I get stricken with for 4 months. From May – September, without intervention, I can look Read the Rest »


The Toning Hydrating Mist to End All Toning Hydrating Mists *GIVEAWAY*

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STOP THE PRESS. I have discovered THE most perfect/essential/lustworthy product for your your carry-on baggage this summer (lets face it – none of us splurge on a ‘hold’ bag these days, its all about keeping those make-up bag essentials under 100ml). Introducing … drum roll …. Toning Hydrating Mist from our good friends at Green People. Stay Read the Rest »


Five Steps to a Healthy, Happy, Summer Body with Kezia Hall

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Maybe like me, you are starting to pull out some of those summery clothes, having finally ditched the thermals. On a side note, someone really needs to design some attractive or, dare I say it, even ‘sexy’ thermals. Anyway, maybe like most of us you have also had that little wobble of, ‘OMG, I can’t hide behind Read the Rest »


Run, baby run. The story of Mabel and the 10K.

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On May 11th I am going to attempt my first ever ‘race’. I think you call them races but let’s make one thing clear, I will not be racing anyone. I will be surviving. Hopefully. Next month it is The Bupa Great Run, Glasgow’s women’s 10k and for the first time EVER, I will be Read the Rest »


The Story of Amy and The Zaggora Two Week Challenge

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By Amy Murch As you know, I have been on somewhat of an exercise “journey”, shall we say, over the past few months. I’ve had ups, downs and plateaus like no other. I have been ‘clean eating’ then binge scoffing and everything in between. Commitment, shall we say, is not my middle name. In fact, Read the Rest »


The First Shear of the Year.

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Prepare that flesh to be flashed, ladies. It’s TIME.  


FREE GIVEAWAY with Green People Organic Skincare

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This Mother’s Day we fortunate to have Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People – one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK – with us, sharing her favourite products as well as a fabulous FREE GIVEAWAY for one lucky reader! However successful Green People has become, it began from very simple roots. When Read the Rest »


Amy’s Best New Make-Up Bag Basics

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In the wake of last week’s make-up bag Spring clean, don’t worry if you now have absolutely no make-up left at all, Amy is back to tell us what to replace the void with. And, as usual, she’s doing it with style. )  


Does your make-up bag look like a crime scene?

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By Amy Murch I need to admit something. I’m a bit of a hoarder. And when I say a bit, I mean a whole lot of hoarding. This all came to a head when I was packing to go away for the weekend and I couldn’t fit in all of my make-up stash. I cut Read the Rest »