Lift the crusty feet cloud of shame

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The other day, on a gloriously sunny afternoon, a couple of friends and I found ourselves in a rather idyllic ‘summer-in-bloom’ back garden and, as our children frolicked happily in the paddling pool, we turned our attention to comparing our crusty feet. With an extra special focus on our cracked heels. Could it be that we spend too Read the Rest »


Stop, you’re making me blush.

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It is Spring. I’m calling it. So it’s officially time to stop caking on makeup with a trowel. Or worse, contouring. A new, and just as offensive, c word. Being a big old lazy ass when it comes to makeup, I have never done neither, so I’m delighted that my look is back in season. ‘My look’ Read the Rest »


Short ‘n’ Shaggy

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I don’t know if I yelled it loud enough in this week’s diary post but I’M SWITCHING UP MY LOOK. And I believe, in hair terms, short ‘n’ shaggy is the order of the day. This is a descriptor I came up with myself and I think we can all agree it’s bound to go Read the Rest »


Me Please Miu Miu!

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Fashion house, Miu Miu, has just launched its first fragrance and just LOOK at this bottle!! Sheer perfection. I’m sure it smells great too but that’s by the by, I want to look like this perfume! Someone find me a blue quilted number, a chunky gold necklace and a red beret! I know what I want from Read the Rest »


Introducing NAF! Salon …

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Ooooo we had a sneaky peek behind the brand new doors of NAF! Salon last week and we have to say we rather LOVE it!  Brought to you by the legendary ladies behind DIY Nails, there is nowhere cooler to get your pre-holiday mani pedi.  You’ve probably heard of DIY nails and their ability to turn Read the Rest »


Five things girls will never admit about their personal hygiene

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CLATTY. The  Glasgow word that sums up this topic exactly. The definition of a clatty girl, for example, would perhaps be someone with less than perfect personal care. It’s not that we mean to be rank, but what with late nights, early mornings, wee kids and the general hubbub of LIFE means that, unfortunately we Read the Rest »


Mabel’s Edinburgh Staycation Part 2: The Active Bit

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Having put up with my gandering at every shop window, the next day was Pete’s thing…  Rock climbing at Edinburgh International Indoor Climbing Arena at Ratho. Marriage is all about compromise. This place is all abut EXTREME. It’s basically a big cliff face that has loads of climbing walls, some serious overhangs and a big aerial assault Read the Rest »



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Remember BLOW Bar? The hottest spot in Glasgow for a barnet that packs some punch? Well their latest phenomenon is one we can all get behind. When it comes to hair experimentation, we all have a fringe tale to tell. And if you haven’t, well then it’s probably time you got one. Colour and Style Bar, BLOW Finnieston remains Read the Rest »


Mabel Musings: The Great Boob Debate.

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By Amy Murch When I was a young girl, I was extremely excited about the day my boobies would arrive. It may have been my slight obsession with “Baywatch” and seeing Pamela Anderson flaunting her…talents… but I was sure that one day I would have my very own pair of gravity-defying puppies. When my boobs Read the Rest »


Introducing the UK’s FIRST Certified Organic Tinted Moisturiser **READER DISCOUNT**

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been putting a BRAND NEW product from Green People Organic to the test, and we have to say … we rather like it! Their new Organic Tinted Moisturiser, a Daily Defence (DD) SPF15, is the first of it’s kind in the UK and offers tonnes of benefits for your Read the Rest »