39 weeks. Take two.

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Here I am, feeling truly huge, creaking at the hips with what feels like a wriggly octopus trapped inside a vacuum pack and rammed beneath my skin, poking me in the ribs, wondering constantly when I’m going to come face to face with this new person I’ve been casually growing for the last nine months. Read the Rest »


Eggcellent Easter Activities for Little Bunnies

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This Easter we’re going old skool. I’m thinking an egg hunt in the garden and rolling eggs down a big hill. We’re keeping it outdoors, low maintenance and I’m hoping to sit on a rug throughout (PLEASE sun, stay). That is where my energy levels are at right now. But if you’re feeling a little Read the Rest »


Expecting Mabel Take Two: The Non-Existent Nursery feat. MoKee

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Blink and you miss it. I am now THIRTY weeks pregnant with Baby M Take Two and the panic is beginning to set in. People keep asking me if there is anything I need, if I’ve got my stuff down from the loft yet and had a look through all the baby gear in preparation, Read the Rest »


The GREAT Outdoors

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Last weekend, being in the fresh (extremely fresh), snowy highlands, I was reminded just how great it feels to get some air in your lungs, be physical and get tired in a good way. It sounds a little extreme, but throughout this pregnancy I have felt like a sedentary beached whale. It uses up all Read the Rest »


Oh, Baby.

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I have been meaning to write this post for WEEKS. My big, heartfelt outpour about the joys of expecting baby number two. It IS very exciting. But the truth is that I have been waiting. Waiting for an opportunity to sit down and really reflect on what is happening, how I feel about it, what Read the Rest »


Christmas Fun For Small People

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It’s cold outside, the park is soaking wet, and if you’ve got a toddler in the house it can be pretty hard work keeping them entertained! LUCKILY, Christmas gives us a plentiful theme on which to base some fun. Don’t get sucked into spending loads of cash – we’re all already skint – here are Read the Rest »


A Letter from Santa!

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Advent is HERE and the countdown to Christmas is ON. If you’ve got a house full of little ones excessively excited about a special visit from a certain portly gent down the chimney, then I have a GREAT idea to share with you today. A friend told me about this last week and I thought Read the Rest »


Half Term Hotspots

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It’s that time of year again when we try and scour the city for ideas to keep your kids entertained while they’re off school this week, whatever the weather. There is lots of free stuff on at Pollock Park, Mugdock Country Park and The Riverside Museum so it’s well worth checking out their websites. If Read the Rest »


Organic Kids – Dressed for FUN

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Well seen as we’re going all organic-crazy this week on Mabel’s Log (check out Kezia’s organic veg delivery recommendations and all of Amy’s organic skincare and beauty vlogs), it seems only fair to let the kids in on the action. I suppose I could talk about the benefits of feeding your children purely organic food, Read the Rest »


#100daysoffamily and a *FAB FREE GIVEAWAY*

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Family time, whether your kids are driving you bonkers or not, is precious. A couple of weeks ago, our Summer holiday to Arran, despite good old hurricane Bertha and some classic horizontal rain, was just that – precious. We were with my parents and my brother’s family, and come rain or shine, happy times we Read the Rest »