West End Festival For Kiddos

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Glasgow’s west end festival is HERE. AGAIN. It feels like only five minutes since we were last wedged like sardines on Gibson Street for the gala day but alas a whole year has passed and a whole new line up of treats are not to be missed. For the full schedule of shenanigans, click HERE – there’s Read the Rest »


A Glass Half Full of Baby

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It’s been a while since I’ve mused on the delight/insanity that is family life at chez Mabel. Much to my dismay, Baby B learnt to crawl at six months – yes, that’s SIX – undoubtedly, to get away from her ‘vibrant‘ older sister. And now, aged eight months, will happily tackle the stairs, get herself Read the Rest »


Elektra Bub and Tot’s Sleepy-time Solution! *FREE GIVEAWAY*

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Is your little one going for a sleep-over at Grandma’s this Christmas? Will your entire family be squeezing into one bedroom for a family get-together? Will you be dragging your little ones along to parties that will go on WAY beyond their bedtime? Well, I am armed with a little something up my sleeve that is going Read the Rest »


Autumnal Frolicking

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A wee moment to savour the simple pleasures in life. And this epic jumper (which was nabbed from Asda and, quite frankly, I wish they sold in my size). N.B. This is the kind of wholesome activity you are forced to take part in when under the influence of The Pox. When you cannot play with other children, leaves will Read the Rest »


Bad Taste Biscuits (that taste really YUMMY actually!)

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There are a lot of kids ‘activities’ that are just way too much like hard work. Playdoh always ends up smushed into the rug, paints end up all over the walls, and don’t even get me started on PVA glue. But baking, baking is something I can get behind. Because afterwards you get to eat CAKE. Biscuits are a Read the Rest »


Double Trouble – 5 Things About Having 2 Kids

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Three months ago, Baby B fired out of my nethers at a rate of knots, forever to change the face of our little family. Since then life has rocketed by. It’s probably best described as ‘full on’ and, like much of the pregnancy, it feels like I’ve barely had a moment to sit down and Read the Rest »


Highland Games Inspiration for Rainy Days

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On Saturday, Pete and I took ourselves back to Pete’s hometown of Aberfeldy for the annual Highland Games. Being in deep Scottish countryside, they are pros at this sort of thing: Highland dancing, tossing the caber, carrying of the Menzies stone, kilted wrestling, terrier racing, vintage tractors, tug o’ war, Pipe bands and tons of Read the Rest »


39 weeks. Take two.

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Here I am, feeling truly huge, creaking at the hips with what feels like a wriggly octopus trapped inside a vacuum pack and rammed beneath my skin, poking me in the ribs, wondering constantly when I’m going to come face to face with this new person I’ve been casually growing for the last nine months. Read the Rest »


Eggcellent Easter Activities for Little Bunnies

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This Easter we’re going old skool. I’m thinking an egg hunt in the garden and rolling eggs down a big hill. We’re keeping it outdoors, low maintenance and I’m hoping to sit on a rug throughout (PLEASE sun, stay). That is where my energy levels are at right now. But if you’re feeling a little Read the Rest »


Expecting Mabel Take Two: The Non-Existent Nursery feat. MoKee

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Blink and you miss it. I am now THIRTY weeks pregnant with Baby M Take Two and the panic is beginning to set in. People keep asking me if there is anything I need, if I’ve got my stuff down from the loft yet and had a look through all the baby gear in preparation, Read the Rest »