String Easter Eggs full of treasure!

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I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked full of Easter jollity! Me and my niece gave it a shot and we had lots of messy fun. We didn’t have quite the exact recommended materials to hand (do we ever?!) but it just about worked! One of the eggs deflated whilst drying. The Read the Rest »


‘One of those mums’

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I just have to get something off my chest this week. It’s been getting on my wick for some time now. It’s a little phrase that I hear being slapped around liberally, that really grates. We women can be so cruel to one another sometimes – not in a ‘smack you in the face’ kind Read the Rest »


A FREE GIVEAWAY with Tamarillo London

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By Lizzie Ford Like all the best small businesses, Angela and Jacquieline first got the idea for Tamarillo London over endless cups of tea and slices of lemon drizzle at the kitchen table. I like their style. While their little ones played together, aside from putting the world to rights, they designed the Rumina Cape Read the Rest »


My Motherhood

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By Lizzie Ford Today, I had a piece published over on the Mama Mio Blog. It is part of a series of musings called My Motherhood contributed by female writers up and down the country. I thought I’d share it on here too. You can read the others written HERE – I wiled away far Read the Rest »


Raising Mabel: The Toddler. Part 1.

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By Lizzie Ford Life would be boring without challenge, right? Sometimes I’m not so sure. Introducing … the toddler. Baby M is now 18 months old and like a crazy, hyperactive, wind-up toy that wakes up running (LITERALLY, RUNNING) and doesn’t stop until she meets a wall. She is hilarious, fantastic, vivacious, loud, entertaining, smart Read the Rest »


The saga of the Family Christmas Portrait.

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Why is no-one sending Christmas cards anymore? DEPRESSING. I mean, I know a stamp now costs 60p or something ludicrous, but come on. An e-card, group text, or even worse, an announcement on facebook, just aint gonna cut it as far as I’m concerned. My all-out favourite greetings card scenario has to be a cringey, Read the Rest »


It’s All About Embracing The Elements

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Staying in the house all day with Baby M is not an option. By ten in the morning she’s like a raving loony, climbing the walls, scaling the furniture and swinging from the curtain rails. Literally. If she’s not trashing the joint, she’s clinging to my legs like a little, wailing limpet – screeching at Read the Rest »


Ghoulish Gathering hosted by Rowdy Roddy Vintage

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Remember Rowdy Roddy Vintage? Well, since we last saw them they’ve relocated to Dowanhill Street (just a few minutes from their old haunt on Cresswell Lane) and they are still JUST as fabulous. On top of their amazeballs shop full of vintage and cool goodies for little people, if you’re looking for a fun day Read the Rest »


Raising Mabel – ‘If you want a friend, be a friend’, The Backlash

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A couple of weeks back I was talking a little bit about the perils of being a lonely mum and the infuriating levels of repetitive small talk found at baby classes and toddler groups without ever seeming to really make friends (read more HERE). WELL, I just wanted to give you a wee update. Since commencing Read the Rest »


Dressing up with Wee Scones Handmade Clothing

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I came across Audrey and her lovely pretty party dresses at Merchant Square Craft Fair last weekend. To be honest, with all the fabulously bold prints she uses, she was hard to miss! I was excited to have a flick through the rails and hear a little bit more about her brilliant hand made clothing Read the Rest »