Nicey Nicey Lemon Slicey

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Here we go… slice number two. If you missed my last GROUND BREAKING slice recipe you can find it HERE. This is an absolute belter of a slice also. In keeping with the fruity theme, we have gone for a LEMON SLICE. I love it because it’s fresh and springy and much like the passionfruit Read the Rest »


A Vintage Easter with Good Housekeeping’s 1966 Simnel Cake

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I’m not a huge fan of fruit cake, but in my opinion the chunky layer of marzipan buried half way through a Simnel Cake like a hidden surprise, just about redeems it. My mother LOVES a Simnel Cake. We grew up making and decorating them every Easter, via the same trusty Good Housekeeping recipe from Read the Rest »


5 Easy ways to shake off your sugar habit (maybe after that last Easter egg)

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By Kezia Hall WARNING: This information may be more easily digested after the most chocolate-laden fortnight of the year has passed. On the other hand, this might be exactly the right time to digest it. Now, unless you have had you head stuck in some media-free bubble, you will have heard or read lots of stories Read the Rest »


Three Sisters Bake (really, really well)

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Wasn’t it every little girl’s dream to run a cake shop? Truth be told, I definitely still dabble with the fantasy now. In my imagination, the role demands that I eat a lot of cake, wear a fetching 1950′s pinny, drink endless coffee and chew the fat with all my favourite people, all day long, whilst Read the Rest »


Cocktails for yer maw

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By Amy Murch Listen, for you she endured a gruelling birth, stretch marks, swollen everything and probably sacrificed a large measure of her decency just to bring you into this world. She might have even done a public poo. It happens. Not to mention battling through toddler tantrums and all sorts of teenage angst. As Read the Rest »


Mabel’s Slice is Right

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By Amy Murch I was introduced to the WONDER that is the “slice” by my very good Aussie pal Eleasah Bean. Her family are THE most fit looking family EVER and have managed to stay slim, toned and hot despite eating cake numerous times a day, everyday. They live by the beach and have great Read the Rest »


Fat is Good (so good, it’s ‘Phat’)

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By Kezia Hall Today, I am here to tell you that fat is good. That fat is OK. And that fat is needed. I am not discussing the issue of body weight or belly fat, I’m talking foody-type fat. The real stuff. Our nation has a fat phobia. We think margarine is the better option, Read the Rest »


Flippin’ Great Pancakes – A tutorial in Oscar-winning ‘tossing’ *cough*

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OK, so you can’t say I haven’t warned you. Here is the first step on our intrepid voyage into creating poor quality and not particularly entertaining video footage for Mabel’s Log. On the upside, pancakes are my absolute favourite thing in the world, EVER. For pancake recipes click HERE.  


Fruity and Fabulous Pud

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By Amy Murch “We’ll bring dessert” are the fatal words I say every time we’re asked over for dinner. And every single time, mid sentence, I wince and realise I have absolutely no idea what to bring. Hyperventilation starts shortly after the call ends. See, desserts are finicky. Not everyone loves a hearty chocolate feast Read the Rest »



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By Kezia Hall Hello wonderful Mabelites! First of all WELL DONE. You have made it through the dreary and depressing month of January, February is in full swing and before we know it, Spring will be here and we can stop wearing thermals. Hopefully. Today I am going to share with you one of my secrets Read the Rest »