Super Summer Food (for slummy chefs)

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We have spent the last couple of months out of our home staying with family while our house has been a building site. It has been fine (mainly because my Sister-in-law is a freaking legend) but, in the aid of trying to minimise stress/effort/emotional outbursts we have been eating (well, I have been cooking) like a lazy oaf. How Read the Rest »


Classic Easter Crispy Cakes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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I have a confession. I made these last night and promptly ate four in the space of about twenty minutes. They are SO good. I have another confession. We made a batch last weekend and took them to a friend’s party ‘for the kids’. The kids didn’t get a look in. So deliciously sweet, they Read the Rest »


Power to the PANCAKE

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Here at Mabel’s Log, we bloody LOVE pancakes. I could eat 75 in one sitting. I’m NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING. They don’t even make an impact on my appetite as I chow them down. Today is a major day on the seasonal calendar. Over the years we have celebrated this special, sweet occasion with nothing short of GUSTO. Read the Rest »


Let’s get ready to CRUMBLE

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Mabel’s Autumnal Plum and Apple Crumble We have an apple tree at the bottom of the garden, laden with fruit that tastes pretty horrid. We’ve been feeling a bit bad about the fact that said apples have just been falling to the ground and rotting and thought it was about time we tried to do something with Read the Rest »


Sloe-ly Does It (again)

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Now, it’s no secret that I have a long-standing love for sloe gin – the sweet, purple liquor is my tipple of fancy, every time and it’s been four years since we last made our own batch. But whilst visiting family in North Yorkshire this week, rumour got around that the iron was HOT and we metaphorically Read the Rest »


“Mindful” Eating

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Mindfulness is all the rage right now. Just, like, being ‘mindful’ n stuff. Everyone is loving it. With it’s roots in ancient Buddhism, ‘mindfulness’ means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally. With a hope of increasing awareness, clarity and acceptance of our present-moment reality. But to be honest, Read the Rest »


Mum’s classics – Chicken Divan

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By Amy Being an 80s/90s child, I was brought up on classic food staples of the time: potato waffles, frozen everything, boxed macaroni cheese, Viennetta, chocolate mousse, micro chips…. The height of processed goodness. That being said, there were also some absolute beauties that seem to have been handed down through the generations. The go-to recipes Read the Rest »


15s – 15 minute Traybake treats.

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The word “TRAYBAKE” makes me literally foam at the mouth. In a good way. There’s something about this tasty goodness that means I cannot just have one square. Possibly a dangerous scenario when counting calories, but “all or nothing” is definitely my motto when it comes to this stuff. I have quite a number of tasty Read the Rest »


The most amazing fail-safe Brownie recipe EVER.

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I have long since been on the hunt for the perfect, easy brownie recipe. I want to be one of those whimsical creatures that always has a batch of brownies sitting on the counter for many a passing pal (myself included) to gorge themselves on and wonder at my domestic prowess. These days, it’s more Read the Rest »


Mabel’s Edinburgh Staycation Part 3: The Eating All The Time Bit

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Eating and drinking a LOT, and enjoying that a LOT, was a key objective to our mini break in Scotland’s beautiful capital. Check out the first instalment of our ‘maxing and relaxing’ jaunt HERE, and you’ll see that on the food and drink front we started well, with cocktails at the Balmoral, and some scrummy Italian at Amarone.  After Read the Rest »