Salmon and Sweet Potato Fishcakes

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Tis the season to eat unbelievable amounts of food. This recipe is great for using up your festive left overs as smoked salmon is super popular at this time of year, and don’t feel restrained by this recipe – feel free to throw in any sneaky left over veggies that you’ve got lurking at the Read the Rest »


Cosy Up With Mabel’s Magic Mug Cake

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Well, haven’t we have been positively soldiering into chilly temperatures of late? It’s gone from being slightly crispy in the mornings to full on hats, scarves  and runny noses weather, just in the past few days! As a result, I feel the need to dig out the chunky knits, slap a bit of fake tan Read the Rest »


Autumnal Pumpkin & Rosemary Soup

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With the clock having been turned back we are now officially in the throws of pumpkin season. Halloween is looming and many of you are probably about to carve a lantern – most likely chucking all the insides straight in the bin! Well, with this super easy and surprisingly healthy recipe (don’t let that put Read the Rest »


The Farmers’ Market Edition

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Mabel’s Log: The Farmers’ Market Edition Today we’re talking about markets, namely farmers markets and country markets as Christmas markets just put me off the scale with excitement and deserve a whole post all to themselves. The other day, the Murch clan ventured out into the Scottish countryside to Logierait country market. It’s just off Read the Rest »


Mabel’s Gorgeous and Gooey White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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These are amazing. I made a LOT of them last night, and let me tell you there aren’t many left. I know, I disgust even myself. Great for whipping up super fast, eating warm, eating cold, freezing for later, making with kids, taking to a bake sale, munching over a catch-up with friends, giving to Read the Rest »


Organic Veggie Boxes of Love

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By Kezia Hall Organic has been the buzz word here on The Log all week as we celebrate Organic Beauty Week, and as you know from my organic DIY face cream recipe I love a good natural and organic beauty product! But its not just about what we put on our bodies, its also about Read the Rest »


When life gives you lemons, make Mabel’s Lemon Drizzle Loaf

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Now, my love for a Lemon Drizzle is no secret. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the mixture of the sweet and the sour, maybe it’s the sticky goodness on top, maybe it’s that moist (creepiest word ever), spongy middle. Whatever it is, it means there’s no way I can just have one Read the Rest »


Vintage Kitchenalia That WORKS

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It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to decipher that I love a bit of vintage. I really do. I love things that tell a story, that were born before me and that have a heavy helping of rustic charm. My house is full of a lot of stuff that many would call junk, and to Read the Rest »


To Coffee Or Not To Coffee?

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By Kezia Hall We are all a bit coffee obsessed, are we not? Never more than five minutes from a coffee shop with all the vanilla lattes and skinny flat whites we could possibly desire. Complete in takeaway cups that have become as much of an accessory as a Marc Jacobs bag (I can dream). Read the Rest »


A Little Dessert We Like To Call, ‘Peachy Keen’

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Listen, if ever Mary Berry got Mabel in to do a Great British Bake Off technical challenge … then THIS IS IT. I’m really excelling myself right now. What an absolute beast. For some reason, I had the notion to do a Baked Alaska as a flashy type of dessert to impress our pals coming over for Read the Rest »