A Redwine Risotto Fit For Friends

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We’ve all got our dinner party menu staples. My folks rotate “MENU A” (prawn cocktail, chicken and broccoli bake and rhubarb crumble) and “MENU B” (melon balls, mincey pasta and shop bought dessert), even to this day. These are the fail-safe, mistake-proof meals that can satisfy the masses at the same time as allowing you Read the Rest »



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By Amy Murch I don’t need to check out Cosmo’s latest issue, or even have a one to one with our superfood and health queen Kezia to know that Kale is good for you and I should be eating more. Why? It’s green, sits beside all the lettuces, and smells of Broccoli. It’s got be Read the Rest »


Summer Berry Smoothie Bowl

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By Kezia Hall Now, we all know that fruit and vegetables are good for us and we should be eating them morning, noon and night, blah blah blah… But did you know that you could enjoy them and feel like you are having pudding at the same time?? YEAH BABY. I give you …. (drum Read the Rest »


Nicey Nicey Apple Slicey

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Part three of slicey goodness, this will certainly tempt those taste buds. If you missed the Lemon Slice or the Passionfruit Slice, catch up and get the kettle on. Once again, pinching from my lovely Aussie friend Eleasah, this Apple slice is an absolute killer. I unleashed this slice recipe on a pile of lads Read the Rest »


A Taste of Tropicana!

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By Amy Murch I’ll admit I’m a right sucker for a cheeky Malibu and pineapple tipple. Sure, it’s probably the drink of underage teens, but that coconutty taste just takes me right back to the days of Peter Andre’s “Mysterious girl”, the smell of suntan lotion and feeling of sand between my toes. I am Read the Rest »


A Whisky Adventure Like No Other

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Move over Heston Blumenthal, this week, Create:Eat:Whisky lands in Edinburgh with a bespoke multi-sensory event hailed to be a “whisky adventure like no other”. Intrigued? So are we. As part of Homecoming 2014, food event pioneers Jelly and Gin are transforming the Nestle Condensed Milk Factory to present a tour through the sights, sounds and scents Read the Rest »


Warm Satay Salad with Kezia Hall

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Hopefully you did not read this title and think,  ‘Oh my gosh another dull and boring salad recipe filled with cucumber and iceberg lettuce.’ If you did, I feel your pain. As a health coach, clients will often tell me they can’t bear to eat another dull salad, and I agree. Life is too short Read the Rest »


Nicey Nicey Lemon Slicey

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Here we go… slice number two. If you missed my last GROUND BREAKING slice recipe you can find it HERE. This is an absolute belter of a slice also. In keeping with the fruity theme, we have gone for a LEMON SLICE. I love it because it’s fresh and springy and much like the passionfruit Read the Rest »


A Vintage Easter with Good Housekeeping’s 1966 Simnel Cake

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I’m not a huge fan of fruit cake, but in my opinion the chunky layer of marzipan buried half way through a Simnel Cake like a hidden surprise, just about redeems it. My mother LOVES a Simnel Cake. We grew up making and decorating them every Easter, via the same trusty Good Housekeeping recipe from Read the Rest »


5 Easy ways to shake off your sugar habit (maybe after that last Easter egg)

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By Kezia Hall WARNING: This information may be more easily digested after the most chocolate-laden fortnight of the year has passed. On the other hand, this might be exactly the right time to digest it. Now, unless you have had you head stuck in some media-free bubble, you will have heard or read lots of stories Read the Rest »