Getting Herby Part 2: Re-Potting

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A few weeks ago now, I came over all green, with a nagging desire to plant something. Living in a flat, starved of the joys of gardening, this feeling tends to sweep over me about once every eighteen months. Just enough time for me to forget that each time I plant something, it’s an utter Read the Rest »


For the love of CHEVRONS

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When I close my eyes at night, all I can see is chevrons. When I open a magazine, all I can see is chevrons. When I walk into a shop – be it for a cushion, a plate, a scarf, a bleeding greetings card - all I can see is chevrons. These cheeky, chunky zigzags are Read the Rest »

glasgow skyline colour

The Great Scottish House Hunt – Ten Tips for Survival

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Image credit: Adrian McMurchie “Where are Kirsty and Phil when you need them?”, are the desperate words that, for about eighteen months, I would cry at biweekly intervals. Of course, I didn’t actually want them to turn up as I was in no doubt as to exactly what they would say, probably in hushed tones behind our backs as Read the Rest »


Getting Herby Part 1: Planting

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OK, if you missed the plan, catch up HERE. In essence, we’re getting our herby groove on and we are going to be self-seasoning LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW in a matter of WEEKS. Unfortunately, today it all looks a bit boring, but good things come to those who wait, my friends. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. As I Read the Rest »


Get EXCITED about growing your own herb garden

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Now that Spring has officially sprung, it might be time to think about getting your ‘green-fingers’ vibe on. Do you remember our little (it was actually rather huge) tomatoes project? Well, I do. I remember it with nothing but fondness. This year, we’re all about the herb garden. Wouldn’t it be terrific to just think, “Hmmmm Read the Rest »


The ‘Small Story’ of Gabrielle Reith

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By Amy Murch While we were hanging out at the swanky and newly refurbished DCA shop, the very lovely buyer and manager, Eilidh, introduced us to the world of fabulous Scottish designer Gabrielle Reith. She is such a fan of the DCA right now that to commemorate the unveiling of the new shop, she created them Read the Rest »


An Oscars Night In. Mostly With Ryan Gosling.

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By Amy Murch The Oscars. I mean, what girl wouldn’t love to get their hair and makeup done, be PAID to wear millions of dollars worth of jewellery, have seriously high-end designers literally throwing their couture frocks in your perfectly chiselled, flawless face, and pose for a selfie with Brad Pitt? I mean, if ever Read the Rest »


Blackboard Paint BONKERS

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By Lizzie Ford Over the last year or so, on my happy travels creating house tours for interiors publications (check out some of the beautiful Scottish homes I’ve sourced for Apartment Therapy), time and time again, I spot this trend. It’s not going anywhere. The cheeky use of blackboard paint somewhere in a wonderful home, Read the Rest »


Introducing … UpCylcle Glasgow

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By Lizzie Ford Now we all know Mabel is partial to a bit of upcycling (check out Amy and Pete’s escapades, A Mirror Called Penny, A Chair Called Cathy, A Table Called Sally) but she hasn’t got a patch on these ladies. Glasgow-based Sophie (Treemendus) and Jen (Retromental) found each other online through an appreciation of each Read the Rest »


Another year, another half-hearted attempt to re-organise.

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By Lizzie Ford I don’t know about you, but there are a few areas of my flat that I just avoid looking at. I gloss on past them like they don’t exist. It’s too painful. Little pockets of utter disorganisation (OK, sometimes not so little). Heaps of oddments and articles that have no place and, Read the Rest »