THE BIG REVEAL: A Renovation Story

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I have always loved interior design (I blame the unhealthy influence of ‘Changing Rooms’ at a pivotal moment in my life), and have spent the last ten years obsessively watching Grand Designs, looking forward to one day getting my hands on my own renovation project. This summer, my husband and I bought our first home. Read the Rest »

sofawindow Where All Your Sofa Dreams Come True.

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Unless you’re slow to catch on, you’ll know that this summer we have been moving house and doing a whole STACK of renovations on our new abode. Having been living in a glorious Victorian flat with high ceilings and sprawling open plan living for the past five years, the reality of what we could afford Read the Rest »


Mattress Cleaning Mayhem

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By Amy Murch You know when you walk into your house and there’s this lingering smell that you just can’t pin point let alone deal with? My obsession with smell has been worsening lately. I think it might be a lady thing. Or maybe even a “monthly” lady thing. You know how most folk eat Read the Rest »


Curtain Making for Dummies – Part 2, Lined Curtains

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OK, last week, I brought you a simple way of making unlined curtains, this week we’re bringing in the big guns … we’re going lined. I was so intimidated by this task, I procrastinated and put it off for weeks. The reality is I needn’t have made such a hoo ha of the whole shebang because it Read the Rest »


Curtain Making for Dummies: Part 1, Unlined Curtains

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OK, over the past few weeks I have blagged my way through making NUMEROUS sets of curtains. I am a VERY amateur sewer and I reckon all of you can do this. I don’t know about you, but I think attractive curtains are surprisingly hard to come by, and surprisingly expensive. Like, hundreds of pounds, MAYBE MORE IF YOUR Read the Rest »


Bedspiration (on a budget)

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Right now our bedroom is lacking a whole lotta love. While the downstairs of our new house has become the desperate focus of our energy and efforts, our bedroom has become a veritable dumping ground, where clambering over mountains of clothes has become a nightly occurrence and where pictures, mirrors and random pieces of unplaced Read the Rest »


Lovely Lighting

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I’m into lighting in a big way. Aside from it allowing me to navigate my way around my home (total darkness is rather inconvenient), the right light fitting can really add a lot to a room and pack some serious punch in the style stakes. It’s also a significant change you can make for a Read the Rest »


The One When Mabel Restored Her Floorboards

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I have always wanted to live in a house, that was all mine, with sanded wooden floors. As a student in Edinburgh I guess we were spoilt with lovely victorian tenement flats with high ceilings, cornicing and stripped floors (we’ll say less about the mice infestations and PERISHING winters), but I’ve loved them ever since. Read the Rest »


Let’s just bow our heads and appreciate Ercol for a moment.

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You all know I’ve always had a penchant for all things vintage, retro and kitsch, but fixing up our little 1950’s house has just reawakened my sheer dreamy passion for it all. I am LOVING it. I’m trying my hardest not to go overboard, trying leave enough clean lines to keep it fresh and fun Read the Rest »


A Lot of Love for Little Greene

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When my friend Danny saw our kitchen a few weeks ago, he said, I quote, “This come-back is going to be bigger than Lazarus”. With that in mind, getting to the point of actually applying paint to the walls of our slowly reviving home feels pretty momentous. After such a brutal/messy slog, it seems only Read the Rest »