The One When Mabel Restored Her Floorboards

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I have always wanted to live in a house, that was all mine, with sanded wooden floors. As a student in Edinburgh I guess we were spoilt with lovely victorian tenement flats with high ceilings, cornicing and stripped floors (we’ll say less about the mice infestations and PERISHING winters), but I’ve loved them ever since. Read the Rest »


Let’s just bow our heads and appreciate Ercol for a moment.

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You all know I’ve always had a penchant for all things vintage, retro and kitsch, but fixing up our little 1950′s house has just reawakened my sheer dreamy passion for it all. I am LOVING it. I’m trying my hardest not to go overboard, trying leave enough clean lines to keep it fresh and fun Read the Rest »


A Lot of Love for Little Greene

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When my friend Danny saw our kitchen a few weeks ago, he said, I quote, “This come-back is going to be bigger than Lazarus”. With that in mind, getting to the point of actually applying paint to the walls of our slowly reviving home feels pretty momentous. After such a brutal/messy slog, it seems only Read the Rest »



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Time for another Houspiration dalliance, this time of the Kitchen variety. At present, the kitchen of our new house (of the fixer-upper kind) needs rather a lot of work. What we don’t have (unfortunately) is a lot of money to throw at it. But who needs money, eh?! Oh … At the moment, the space is quite dark, Read the Rest »


Take a Garden Seat

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By Amy Murch OOOOOOOft what a scorching couple of days we’ve had here in Sunny Scotland. I’ve been absolutely LOVING it and trying to make the most of the sunshine. Mostly by eating vast amounts of ice cream and using the sun as an excuse. We’ve also been tidying up the garden (I say ‘we’…more Read the Rest »



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So if you’re slow to catch on, we’re renovating a house. It needs a lot of love. But luckily, where I may be useless in many respects, I am not lacking in the imagination stakes. If there was a degree to be had in Day Dreaming, I’d have the PhD. What can I say? It might not be much Read the Rest »



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I’m writing this as I watch George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. Man, I LOVE this show. Every single space he explores is just ridiculously amazing and gives me a gazillion little thoughts about what I might, one day, in my dreams, achieve. At the moment we are living in limbo – camping in our flat with Read the Rest »


Getting Herby Part 2: Re-Potting

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A few weeks ago now, I came over all green, with a nagging desire to plant something. Living in a flat, starved of the joys of gardening, this feeling tends to sweep over me about once every eighteen months. Just enough time for me to forget that each time I plant something, it’s an utter Read the Rest »


For the love of CHEVRONS

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When I close my eyes at night, all I can see is chevrons. When I open a magazine, all I can see is chevrons. When I walk into a shop – be it for a cushion, a plate, a scarf, a bleeding greetings card - all I can see is chevrons. These cheeky, chunky zigzags are Read the Rest »

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The Great Scottish House Hunt – Ten Tips for Survival

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Image credit: Adrian McMurchie “Where are Kirsty and Phil when you need them?”, are the desperate words that, for about eighteen months, I would cry at biweekly intervals. Of course, I didn’t actually want them to turn up as I was in no doubt as to exactly what they would say, probably in hushed tones behind our backs as Read the Rest »