Bathroom Renovation: Before and After THE BIG REVEAL

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Two years ago we bought our little 1950’s fixer-upper of a home. It’s been an eventful journey with lots of hard graft but it’s all been worth it. It needed everything done, so on a limited budget we started by pimping it up as best we could in the living room and kitchen, hoping that at some point Read the Rest »


Miles and miles of beautiful tiles from Mosaic Del Sur

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I don’t care how much of a geek it makes me (I resigned myself to uber-geek status around about the time I spent six months solid-Google-time sourcing a perfect 1950s pantry cupboard), but I really love tiles. I do. I’m into them. I once literally burned up with envy at the first sight of a friends original Read the Rest »


Ply Kitchen Perfection at Birkwood Scotland

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To design my own kitchen, from scratch, on just a blank canvas, is a bit of a dream come true. I still can’t believe we’re doing it, really. I have always swooned at other people’s homes – in fact I professionally swooned for a couple of years as a contributor for Apartment Therapy – and I’ve snooped around Read the Rest »


Calm and Collected – The Pale Pink Home Edit.

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Pink is happening. Pantone said it would. So they made it happen. Oh, the power. It’s happening all over your face, it’s clinging to your booty, and NOW it’s hosing itself all over your walls too. I have to say, I’m not complaining. If you follow Mabel on Pinterest, you’ll already know this. Here are five Read the Rest »


The Lady Who Built Her House On The Sand

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I’ve been keeping the ‘house project’ quiet for a bit. Mainly because it’s been too depressing to talk about. If you didn’t know, we have relatively recently begun the task of extending our home (you can read more HERE). But as the path of true love never runs smooth, neither do any plans I make, ever.  Read the Rest »


My Minor Obsessions – Texture

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As I obsess/fantasise (I lead a sheltered existence) about our looming home improvements, I’m  Every time I see a room I love and can’t put my finger on why I love it, after a bit of closer examination, it seems the key element that makes all the difference for me is the use of different textures. It just makes Read the Rest »


My Minor Obsessions: Warm Metals

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We are renovating our home. We are moving onto The Next Stage. And we are obsessing over every detail. Enter: Warm Metals. Have you ever considered how ‘warm’ the metals are in your home? Perhaps you have not even considered this to be a concern?! You MIGHT be forgiven, but let me warn you, warm metals have been back on the Read the Rest »


The Next Phase: A House Extension

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I make no secret of the fact that I love interior design, but right now my brain is in overload even by my standards. Many of you will have followed our renovation story so far and we are now it is time. We are about to embark on the ominous Next Stage – the kitchen and bathroom extension/renovation. It’s going Read the Rest »


Mabel Meets EYI Love and their Sensational Shiny Stationary

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I was recently introduced to the lovely Lorna and Jack when I paid them a visit to take a few snaps of their gorgeous son Judah’s delectable bedroom for a feature on Apartment Therapy (have a nosey HERE). It’s plain to see we should ALL taking a leaf out of Judah’s book when it comes Read the Rest »


The thing about CLEANING is…..

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It’s boring and one of those endless tasks that you never ever complete. It’s like the never-ending story when you’re a grown up. Well, unless you want Kim and Aggie on your back or a Channel 4 documentary about how filthy your house is and how it’s home to a new subspecies of rodent or Read the Rest »