TWO Babies, TWO Types of Monday, ONE Big Fat General Election.

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image credit: The Telegraph (my press pass must have got lost in the post) A bank holiday weekend is the best idea the bankers came up with. I mean, I have no idea who came up with it, and I’m probably giving bankers way more credit than they’re due (I’m generous that way), but having a cheeky Read the Rest »


The One With Mabel’s Staycation

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I am currently writing this from my sun drenched garden in the middle of April for goodness sake – Result. I have, perhaps, taken it a stage too far and donned the shorts in the effort to catch as many rays as possible (I desperately need to develop from a scarily white/blue shade to slightly Read the Rest »


The Best Worst Tombola Prize Of All Time

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The long Easter weekend has been GLORIOUS. The weather has not let us down and lots of quality time has been spent maxing and relaxing with family and friends, and pottering in/scything the jungle that is the garden at home. The flavour of Spring has given me enough get-up-and-go to crack on with tackling the next Read the Rest »


Easter Funs and Rediscovering Relaxation

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Easter time is HERE. My toddler has already been given huge egg number one (I have, of course, kindly obliged with helping her eat it – it would be irresponsible not to) and all we’re waiting for is that lovely sunshine to come back so that the full schedule of family and friends funs can recommence Read the Rest »


Let The Sunshine In

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I’m officially making the call: Spring has SPRUNG. And WHAT a difference a couple of days of sunshine makes. My goodness. At the tail end of last week I was losing the plot. I’m lugging around a 34-week pregnant tummy which feels like an actual ROCK for at least 70% of the day (this time Read the Rest »


Confessions of a technophobic blogger

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Last week you may or may not have noticed that Mabel’s Log wasn’t working for a few days. It was, in essence, down to the fact that I essentially know nothing about computers, websites or the internet. I know. HORROR. My domain name expired and with that my emails stopped working and Mabel’s Log ceased Read the Rest »


That hill we walked up. Oh, and The Oscars.

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This weekend was spent in the glorious countryside of Perthshire, in a pretty little village called Comrie. Sipping wine, sitting by an open fire, enjoying great chat with friends and braving some bracing fresh air in glorious, crisp sunshine. We EVEN went for a walk, UP A HILL. Obviously extremely slowly (big waddly pregnant ladies Read the Rest »


Pancakes and Promises

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Over the past few years, I’ve made no secret of the fact that pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday as the classy lasses call it, is one of my all time favourite days of the year. I love pancakes so much. Not little fat ones, big thin ones. Covered in just about anything but especially in lemon and sugar. If it Read the Rest »


And The Greatest Of These, Is Love.

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Witty Woo. It’s that time of the year when we all become inspired/infuriated/sickened/guilted in equal measure by the commercialisation of love and the obligation to buy into Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a pain in the backside, but it surely it isn’t all bad. I mean, the age old comment is always: “I don’t need someone to Read the Rest »


I’ll take the high road.

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We spent last weekend in the glorious highlands of Scotland with great friends, waist deep in snow all day and thawing out in front of the fire all night. It was MINT. Once we had navigated the ridiculous conditions on the roads, slid our way up to the house and settled the nerves with a Read the Rest »