Belles, Bonfires and Organic Beauty Week

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This September, I have a wedding to attend every weekend. That is a LOT of dresses, a lot of dancing, a lot of free wine, a few hairy late nights with a FOMO-ridden toddler and a lot of fun. On Saturday, The Big Day was celebrated in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. It was picture perfect Read the Rest »


Sew on and Sew Forth

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This weekend, all my time has been spent sewing curtains and seeing friends in the sunshine. I don’t know if I’m getting old, but it was lovely! It’s been a while since I’ve had my trusty old Singer out, and I’d never attempted curtains before, but I just battered on into it and soon found Read the Rest »


Autumn, BACK OFF.

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Since when did it become FREEZING COLD IN AUGUST????? I’m telling you, this weather is playing HAVOC with my wardrobe. The other day I found myself in flip flops and a woolly jumper at the same time. It’s not funny. It’s not AT ALL funny. It was four degrees. When I’m not wearing woolly jumpers with flip Read the Rest »


Wedding Belles

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I’m still on a high from the weekend. Not even the bomb-site awaiting me at home could get me down. On Saturday I was bridesmaid for one of my bestest pals and the whole day was just perfect. She looked like a sheer vision of loveliness and watching them both beaming at each other all day Read the Rest »



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Does anyone remember Man O Man? CLASSIC (/horrific) 90′s Saturday night TV viewing. It sprang back to mind this weekend at the Brodick Highland Games on the Isle of Arran. (I can only apologise, I often have absolutely NO control over my train of thought.) We are here on our jolly holidays and it was Read the Rest »


The Holiday Straight

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So that’s the Commonwealth games all wrapped up! What an utter TRIUMPH! We popped down to BBC at The Quay last night to soak up a final couple of hours of the atmosphere and managed (just!) to avoid the rain. It has been an incredible couple of weeks for Glasgow! To be honest, despite the Read the Rest »


Scotland Can Make It!

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Glasgow is JUMPING just now. It’s so fun seeing this fantastic city all over the TV and media looking GLORIOUS and being massively celebrated. I’d say, FOR SURE, Glasgow is the the big winner from this year’s Commonwealth Games! Huzzah! Alongside all the funs of the games, runs a brilliant project called Scotland Can Make Read the Rest »


A Glorious Scottish Summer

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This weather is AWESOME. SCORCHIO. Scotland is so beautiful in Summer. On Friday I spent the evening down on the beach in Troon, chatting the night away lying on blankets with the finest of ladies, and munching on an extensive picnic. It was perfect. And we were still in our shorts and t-shirts at ten! Read the Rest »


A Moran Moment

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On Friday night, me and a best pal went to see one of our modern day heroes Caitlin Moran, live in Edinburgh. Needless to say, it was a riot. If you’re not familiar with her work, she’s a brilliant writer, an avid feminist (in a very good way) and knicker wettingly funny. She’s ticking a lot of Read the Rest »


The Keihls Kure

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My life seems completely out of control right now. When I say ‘seems‘, I mean, it totally is. I wish I could get a grip and appear demure, ‘together’ and sweat-free, but right now I feel like a headless chicken. A very tired, dazed, slightly traumatised headless chicken. Moving house whilst scrambling to make the Read the Rest »