Continental Market


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Phew, we can FINALLY whack on the festive tunes, crack open the advent calendar and start Christmas shopping without feeling slightly ridiculous. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE PEOPLES. I can hear the bells as I type. Did anyone brave the BLACK FRIDAY sales over the weekend? What a farce! The most hilarious/infuriating thing is that, in Read the Rest »


Christmas fairs, hen parties and hot dinners

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It’s Monday AGAIN and the weeks seem to be flying by so quickly, I am starting to freak out. It’s December NEXT WEEK. I feel both overwhelmed with excitement and totally unprepared for such a momentous occasion. We are only days away from official Christmas Time. The Christmas movies have already started. On Saturday afternoon, I watched the last half hour Read the Rest »



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This weekend has been spent catching up with BRILLIANT friends, eating food in absolute excess and putting the world to rights from the comfort of our own sofas. I think Saturday can be best described by the word ‘curry’ and Sunday by the word ‘pie’. I feel SO FULL, even the thought of a buttered crumpet can’t tempt Read the Rest »


Holidays and coming, holidays are coming …

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The smelly pumpkin has barely had time to decompose and suddenly the countdown to Christmas is upon us. Monty the penguin has caused quite a stir (does anyone else think that maybe the little boy could have done with a new friend under the Christmas tree?), the Coca Cola truck is coming over the hill Read the Rest »


Autumn’s Top Ten

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Bonfire night is upon us, we’re getting the odd one of those cold and crisp days (a few more of the damp, soggy ones) but Autumn is in FULL swing. Blink and you’ll miss it. Time for a little Autumnal reflection. Top ten things I love and hate about Autumn: 1.Comfort food is a necessity Read the Rest »


Hello Halloween!

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Can it really be Halloween already?!?! The last few months seem to have passed in the blink of bloodshot eye. And I’m sure the Halloween hype gets more and more extreme every year. When I was little, we carved pumpkins with smiley faces and, if we were really lucky, might have been able to coerce a mint imperial out of a Read the Rest »


Ayrshire camels, trampolines and Brad Pitt

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Well on Saturday it felt like we had a final fling with Summer – it was GLORIOUS. And what better way to spend it than cavorting with farm animals and a few unexpected wild beasts at Heads of Ayr Farm Park, complete with trampolines, diggers, forts, soft play, quad bikes, boats … and endless other Read the Rest »


Staying In

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While my other half thought that the weekend, with temperatures around 5 degrees, was an appropriate time to go ‘wild’ camping and fishing (this to me is ‘wild’ in all the wrong ways), I would argue that it’s time to batten down the hatches. I mean, I know there’s something slightly depressing about the fact Read the Rest »


Brew it like Beckham

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Well the Big Beckhams have been in Bonnie Scotland and I didn’t even get an invite. What’s all that about? Sure, I might have been tempted to add a dash of diet coke to his new exclusive whisky, but I’d have been the Life. And. SOUL of that bash. Did Tana Ramsay tear up the Read the Rest »


A Cake Marathon

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Here in Scotland we have been BASKING in a long weekend. Does anyone agree that every Monday should be a holiday? I’m sure that must be biblical or something. Ours was filled with Birthday parties and DIY in equal measure. Thus, it was productive, fun and exhausting in equal measure. Oh to get our blinking house Read the Rest »