Pancakes and Promises

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Over the past few years, I’ve made no secret of the fact that pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday as the classy lasses call it, is one of my all time favourite days of the year. I love pancakes so much. Not little fat ones, big thin ones. Covered in just about anything but especially in lemon and sugar. If it Read the Rest »


And The Greatest Of These, Is Love.

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Witty Woo. It’s that time of the year when we all become inspired/infuriated/sickened/guilted in equal measure by the commercialisation of love and the obligation to buy into Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a pain in the backside, but it surely it isn’t all bad. I mean, the age old comment is always: “I don’t need someone to Read the Rest »


I’ll take the high road.

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We spent last weekend in the glorious highlands of Scotland with great friends, waist deep in snow all day and thawing out in front of the fire all night. It was MINT. Once we had navigated the ridiculous conditions on the roads, slid our way up to the house and settled the nerves with a Read the Rest »



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Snow has finally arrived in Glasgow! WAHOOOOO! The novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet – I’m sure when I’ve stacked it on the ice a few times in the coming days I’ll be ready for a thaw, but right now it’s snowmen and sledging all the way. This weekend has been spent watching the small Read the Rest »


Rainy Days and Mondays

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Wow. I know I love to drone on about the weather in typically dull British form, but MY GOODNESS the last week or so has been totally DIRE. Anyone who has been trying to entertain toddlers in this weather, I share in your pain. Literal pain. Lashing hail in the face cuts like a knife. It’s Read the Rest »

2015 copy


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When does it all slow down? I don’t know if I’m just at a ludicrous stage of life, but when I think about the year ahead and how much we’re meant to be squeezing in – babies, work on the house, big/depressing birthdays, blah blah -it feels like time is hurtling by at a rate of knots Read the Rest »


A Festive Top Ten

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Christmas is the season of Joy, goodwill giving and receiving. Well, that and a horrendously massive heating bill. BUT with Christmas merely days away now, it seemed only fit to remind ourselves of the good and slightly less good things that this wintery season brings: Top ten things I love and hate about WINTER 1) Read the Rest »


Back in Christmas Business

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First, an apology. Last week I had every intention of letting Christmas RIP all over my life, but the lurgy continued. And then got much worse. And to be frank, the most festive news I had to share was my Snowman toilet roll for the full seven days. I could tell you about it at Read the Rest »


The Christmas Lurgy

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For the past fortnight, I have felt a lot less ‘Jolly Christmas Elf’ and significantly more ‘Crusty Pile of Snotty Crap’. DAMN the Christmas Lurgy. Everyone in this blinking household has been full of cold and miserable – we seem to have collected every bug going. The scent of Olbas Oil in this place is Read the Rest »

Continental Market


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Phew, we can FINALLY whack on the festive tunes, crack open the advent calendar and start Christmas shopping without feeling slightly ridiculous. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE PEOPLES. I can hear the bells as I type. Did anyone brave the BLACK FRIDAY sales over the weekend? What a farce! The most hilarious/infuriating thing is that, in Read the Rest »