A Moran Moment

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On Friday night, me and a best pal went to see one of our modern day heroes Caitlin Moran, live in Edinburgh. Needless to say, it was a riot. If you’re not familiar with her work, she’s a brilliant writer, an avid feminist (in a very good way) and knicker wettingly funny. She’s ticking a lot of Read the Rest »


The Keihls Kure

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My life seems completely out of control right now. When I say ‘seems‘, I mean, it totally is. I wish I could get a grip and appear demure, ‘together’ and sweat-free, but right now I feel like a headless chicken. A very tired, dazed, slightly traumatised headless chicken. Moving house whilst scrambling to make the Read the Rest »


D Day. D meaning DEMOLITION.

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This weekend has mainly been characterised by boys wielding large scary implements, covered top-to-toe in dust, with a wee twinkle in their eye, as they pound the walls of my precious new house and carnage ensues all around them. They did a bloody GREAT job. The place we’ve just bought was built in the 1950′s Read the Rest »



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Wedding season has officially begun. Two of my bestest girlfriends are getting married this summer and it is WEDDING-A-GO-GO! One hen do down and one to go, and it’s already an emotional roller-coaster of sifting through old photos, inappropriate party games and copious cocktails. Mega funs. If you’re planning your own wedding just now, and Read the Rest »


Lets hear it for the boys. And girls.

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I know a lot of great Dads. My own, and my little girl’s, included. I also feel fortunate that I have been surrounded by a lot of great men in my life – people who have loved me, cheered me on, protected me, supported me. I am eternally thankful for that. But I also know Read the Rest »


Life in Colour

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Life is all go right now. On top of all the fun stuff going on at home (moving house, redecoration of the flat we’re leaving behind, work shinanigans …), the city just feels ALIVE right now. This weekend the West End Festival (see below) paid host to the colourful and beautiful Mela, Scotland’s biggest multicultural festival, Read the Rest »


Boxing Memories

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I’ve been racking my brains for something more interesting to tell you, but to be honest, at the moment what I am predominately doing is packing up our flat. Surprisingly, it’s not just a total pain in the rear, it’s a whole mixture of feelings. Having been desperate to buy somewhere for well over a Read the Rest »


My Ideal Home Show

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Over the weekend, the Ideal Home Show Scotland took over the SECC and rammed it to the rafters with just about everything and anything you could possibly imagine. And it was GOOD. And it was BIG. You could probably have camped there for a week and still not seen all the stands. In fact, you wouldn’t have Read the Rest »


A Super-sized Serving of Sunshine for Scotland Please!

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Last Friday we lived the sunshine dream. Still picnic-ing in the park at 7pm with bare flesh and cold beers galore. Then, while my social media feeds were clogged with barbecues and beach-trips all weekend, from happy folk in every corner of the bleedin’ British Isles, Glasgow seemed to be sitting under a grey cloud Read the Rest »


Running, Scoffing and Bearded Singing

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Wow. WHERE to start. The last few days have involved some EXCEPTIONAL and DELICIOUS dining, a bearded lady winning the Eurovision, AND nailing my first ever 10K. I say ‘nailing’ – it may have been a little closer to ‘surviving’ but hey, I feel like I can take on ANYTHING now. Just call me Paula. Read the Rest »