Running, Scoffing and Bearded Singing

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Wow. WHERE to start. The last few days have involved some EXCEPTIONAL and DELICIOUS dining, a bearded lady winning the Eurovision, AND nailing my first ever 10K. I say ‘nailing’ – it may have been a little closer to ‘surviving’ but hey, I feel like I can take on ANYTHING now. Just call me Paula. Read the Rest »


Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.

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You’ve got to love May in Scotland. Five minutes after finishing your easter eggs, it’s yet another long weekend with promise of ANOTHER one at the end of the month. I mean, banks are totally overrated. It’s all about the cheeky Mondays off. Over the last few days, Amy has been grooving her pants off at Snarky Puppy Read the Rest »


Welcome Home

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The last week has been one of the most momentous of my life so far. No exaggeration. It’s up there with getting married, pushing out a beautiful babe and, well, some really great holidays. After over a year of viewing houses, stalking the Right Move app like a psychopath, trying desperately to suss out the Read the Rest »


The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks

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THAT is how EVERY bank holiday weekend should go. Sunshine wall to wall, beaches, beers, boat trips, barbecues, chocolate, family time, friends time, FUN time. I wish it could last forever. On Saturday we took the little boat from Balmaha across to Inchcailloch, the tiny wooded island on Loch Lomond with a beach nestled on the Read the Rest »


Oh, I DO like to be beside the seaside

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For the last week, Mabel has been on her jolly hols in North Yorkshire. It has been restful and cheerful in equal/extra measure, and certainly never dull. As well as lots of much needed sea air, plenty of time has been spent digging in the dirt in my Mum’s beloved vegetable patch (as well as Read the Rest »


I’m Bringing Sexy Back

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WHAT a weekend!! On Friday night, Sofie and I dolled ourselves up for the ultimate Girls Night Out and shook our booties hard, to none other than the dulcet tones of Mr Justin Timberlake. Wow. Just, WOW. That guy knows how to work it and boy did he work it. He played all the classics and, Read the Rest »



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Well that’s Mother’s Day down, the clocks have sprung forward, April is chomping at the bit and Easter is peeking its cheeky chocolatey little face around the corner. It is SURELY Spring. OK, maybe don’t put away your bobble hat right away, I mean you can still see your breath in bonnie Scotland, but there is Read the Rest »


Dear Mum

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Thanks for being the best. Thanks for letting me make mistakes. Thanks for letting me fall on my face, play in the dirt, take risks, embarrass myself and learn the hard way. Thanks for giving me just enough rope, for letting me go and setting me free, trusting that I would know my way back. Read the Rest »


A Tramway, a Bike Shop and a few big willies

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Where has the first chunk of 2014 gone? We are RIPPING through the weeks guys, hold on to your clammy seats. The last couple of days have been unexpectedly good. With spontaneous day trips, LOTS of delicious Asian food (if you haven’t hit up Hanoi Bike Shop yet, where have you been? Even BEYONCE goes Read the Rest »


Big Parties, Big Dreams and Big Awards

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I know that the whole point of shrove tuesday is that you eat a lot of pancakes and then try not to be quite so indulgent over the following weeks – but, to be honest, the whole thing has just really got me in the mood for them. It has been positively disastrous. I have spent the majority of the past Read the Rest »