I’m Home

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I feel like I have spent the last six months creeping through a dark and dusty home-improvements tunnel, trying desperately to keep the light at the end in focus. Now I’m right there. I’m at the end. My life is thrown wide open again and everything is in glorious technicolour. Also, the sun is actually out. It’s Read the Rest »


House to Home

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Life is going at a bazillion miles an hour. No change there. The build at the house has gone from looking like it will never be finished, to going so fast that I need lighting-flash-wit about me at all times and eyes in the back of my head. As well as about four extra limbs to retrieve toddlers from scaffolding and piles of Read the Rest »


Everything’s rosey. Literally, everything.

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SO sorry things have been a little quiet here on the Log the last week or so. As per, I have been snowed under, stranded upon the mountain that is an over-full life. Nothing to moan about particularly, just a cacophony of fun type things and really-time-consuming-big-mammoth-manual-tasks-with-two-kids-in-tow type things. BUT everything is just peachy. On Saturday my Read the Rest »


Culture Club

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Remember Monday? The sky was BLUE. Actually BLUE! So we got in the car and went to the Kelpies (just a couple of casual, huge, steel horse heads hanging out on the outskirts of Falkirk, for anyone not in the know), to make the most of it. I’ve wanted to go up there for yonks and Read the Rest »



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Last night I went to see the movie, Joy. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been to the cinema for three years, maybe it’s because I haven’t had more than three hours sleep in a row for the past eight months, but it deeply affected me. I can’t stop thinking about it. It was a great film. Read the Rest »


The Art of Thankfulness

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It has been a horribly hectic week or two. The sickness fairy has been throwing up liberally over my children for about six weeks now. The two of them have had every single bug going. Even tiny (actually a bit of a chunky monkey now) Baby B. People keep on reassuring me that they’ll have immune Read the Rest »


A dollop of Autumnal Hygge

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It’s November, it’s dark essentially all the time, and it’s proper chilly. I’m calling it. We can all officially batten down the hatches. In Denmark they have a word for it: Hygge. You might think this word sounds a little perculiar, but say ‘batten down the hatches’ to yourself a few times and you’ll soon agree Read the Rest »


Chicken Pox

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The last seven days of my life can be described in just two words: chicken and pox. Good grief. The day you spot a few rank looking boils on your child’s face, followed by a further SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND over every square inch of her tiny body (I’m talking up her nose, in her ears, Read the Rest »

I’m ‘switching up my look’.

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The above is a phrase we throw around liberally at our gaff. Usually used with tongue planted firmly in cheek to justify the purchase of a new woolly jumper or doing something totally wild like getting a fringe. But I’m actually SERIOUS this time. I’m approaching a major birthday in a couple of months and I’m feeling like Read the Rest »


Great Brittany!

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I can’t tell you how many ‘discussions’ we had about going away on holiday this Summer. OK, so we’ve just had another baby. OK, so we’re skint and still doing a million projects simultaneously on the house. OK, so it’s quite a palava taking toddlers on aeroplanes. But sometimes you just need to get out Read the Rest »