A dollop of Autumnal Hygge

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It’s November, it’s dark essentially all the time, and it’s proper chilly. I’m calling it. We can all officially batten down the hatches. In Denmark they have a word for it: Hygge. You might think this word sounds a little perculiar, but say ‘batten down the hatches’ to yourself a few times and you’ll soon agree Read the Rest »


Chicken Pox

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The last seven days of my life can be described in just two words: chicken and pox. Good grief. The day you spot a few rank looking boils on your child’s face, followed by a further SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND over every square inch of her tiny body (I’m talking up her nose, in her ears, Read the Rest »

I’m ‘switching up my look’.

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The above is a phrase we throw around liberally at our gaff. Usually used with tongue planted firmly in cheek to justify the purchase of a new woolly jumper or doing something totally wild like getting a fringe. But I’m actually SERIOUS this time. I’m approaching a major birthday in a couple of months and I’m feeling like Read the Rest »


Great Brittany!

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I can’t tell you how many ‘discussions’ we had about going away on holiday this Summer. OK, so we’ve just had another baby. OK, so we’re skint and still doing a million projects simultaneously on the house. OK, so it’s quite a palava taking toddlers on aeroplanes. But sometimes you just need to get out Read the Rest »


The Murch is back. x

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Well HEY there!! Amy here – just checking in after a cheeky wee dander to Australia…casually venturing to the other side of the globe for a gloriously long holiday – seeing the sights, Finding Nemo, holding a koala, feeding a kangaroo, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge (!), singing the “Home and Away” theme tune at Read the Rest »



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Well, after a good few weeks of ‘adjusting’ to having two sproglets (a process best described as an emotional car crash with cute moments scattered throughout), this weekend we DID SOMETHING. We got away. And it felt GREAT. We piled everyone in the back of the car, shoved in just about everything except the kitchen Read the Rest »


Sunshine, Picnics and the JOYS of Wobbly White Bits

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The sunshine is here and the world feels like we are living in colour once more. I keep finding myself strolling around the west end of Glasgow (pushing a ginormous/weighty double buggy and sweating heavily) feeling like I’m on holiday in some kind of baking hot, super chic, european city. Sometimes, if I’m on a Read the Rest »


Unfortunate Spillages, Festivals and Sleep Deprivation

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I wish I could tell you that the sole reason it’s been a little bit quiet on the Log recently is that I’ve been snuggling up to my newborn with writing and tooling around the city being the least of my worries. Though I have certainly been a little preoccupied with childbirth, breastfeeding, sleeplessness and Read the Rest »


TWO Babies, TWO Types of Monday, ONE Big Fat General Election.

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image credit: The Telegraph (my press pass must have got lost in the post) A bank holiday weekend is the best idea the bankers came up with. I mean, I have no idea who came up with it, and I’m probably giving bankers way more credit than they’re due (I’m generous that way), but having a cheeky Read the Rest »


The One With Mabel’s Staycation

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I am currently writing this from my sun drenched garden in the middle of April for goodness sake – Result. I have, perhaps, taken it a stage too far and donned the shorts in the effort to catch as many rays as possible (I desperately need to develop from a scarily white/blue shade to slightly Read the Rest »