I’ve got my eye on you, Dita

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I get through more sunnies than anyone else I know. I am DANGEROUS around sunglasses. I just don’t know my own strength. But when I found out about this new range from hot honey Dita Von Teese, I thought, now there’s a pair I’d look after.

I love a wayfarer, I’m partial to a round rim, and you all know about my fondness for a cat’s eye, but I’d say there are a couple of pairs in Dita’s latest collection that are pretty bloody perfect.

The burlesque performer, who has become a global style icon thanks to her vintage look, has produced a collection of retro-inspired sunglasses comprising ten stunning classic shapes, all referencing her favourite era: the 1950’s.

“I don’t employ stylists; I’ve always been self-made and self-taught, so it makes sense for me to use my styling talent in a different way than just in creating my shows, photos and on the red carpet. Although I love frames with retro flair, I don’t like to wear authentic vintage glasses because the proportion is rarely correct for a present-day face; they are usually too small, and end up looking grandmotherly.” We know what you mean, Dita. “The way to capture the elegance and spirit of vintage style is to understand that it must be done with a contemporary twist to make it current and sexy. This is what this collection is about: sexy, wearable eyewear that conveys high-glamour and elegance.”

Sound good?

Mabel’s Picks 

frame3-pola    frame1-pola    frame2-pola

From left to right: Nocturnelle DVT303 A, £219; Tryst DVT305 B, £199; Glambassador DVT300 C, £209

They came out last week and are available to buy online NOW at Pretavoir . With prices ranging from £119 – £219 they don’t come cheap, but they ARE really fit. And, if you ask me, you deserve a treat. You’re welcome.