In a present panic? Here are a few easy peasy ‘make your own’ ideas!

Kerry of Kestrel Makes is no stranger to an online craft tutorial. She shares plenty of her own on her ace blog Kestrel Makes and you can check out her latest knitting project here. If you fancy giving the ‘homemade gift’ a stab this Christmas but are feeling a little intimidated by the very idea, then DO NOT FEAR, Mabel is here, and more importantly, so is Kerry. Here she flags up a few low-maintenance home-grown prezzie suggestions that might just do the job nicely.

A few ideas for a hand-crafted Christmas

Ah Christmas. Time of frenzied shopping and fretting about gift buying. Making presents might be the last thing on your mind, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. A handmade gift  is lovely and personal, but if you don’t know where to start, I’ve brought together a selection of ideas for quick and easy gifts to suit all tastes.

For kids:

kerry1-polaNot so much handmade as ‘hand picked’, my favourite present to put together for my niece is a box of craft materials. Using either a pretty storage box (T K Maxx usually have good ones) or wrapping a shoe box, I fill the box with a selection of fun crafty items such as pens, colouring pencils, modelling clay, stickers, coloured papers and sequins. I also put some sweets in – it is Christmas after all!

All of these items can be bought cheaply but put together make an exciting, fun present to encourage a bit of creative expression. Just don’t blame me when you’ve got to clear up all those sequins that have migrated through the house…

For those with a sweet tooth:

honeycomb-polaOtherwise known as ‘the stuff inside a Crunchie’, honeycomb only requires 4 ingredients, is quick to make but looks impressive. For an extra treat it can be covered in chocolate or also makes a stunning topping crumbled on cupcakes.

Click HERE for a tutorial from The Pink Whisk that is easy to follow with plenty of pictures.

(image credit: The Pink Whisk)

For those who like a tipple:

Raspberry gin liqueur final1-polaThis raspberry-infused gin liqueur from Knitting on Trains would look great decanted into a decorated bottle, or as a gift along with some glasses. Or you could just make it for yourself as a treat on Christmas Day!

(image credit: Knitting on Trains)

To keep the cold out:

kerry2-polaEver accidentally shrunk a beloved jumper in the wash? This is a tutorial I put together to show you how to re-purpose it to make a cosy pair of mittens. Alternatively you could always upcycle a charity shop wool jumper.

For the foodie:

pickledonions-polaYou can’t beat some delicious pickled onions – perfect with cheese and cold meat and a great complement to a turkey sandwich. Check out this easy recipe from BBC GoodFood. Small pickling onions are available at most supermarkets at this time of year, and look great presented in a jar with a personalised label.

(image credit: BBC GoodFood)


Hopefully you can find something among these tutorials to inspire a bit of festive creativity!

Happy Making!