Raising Mabel – If you want a friend, be a friend.

Baby M is growing fast. On Tuesday she got in her first fight (when I say fight, another child bit her, hard, and she cried), she can climb down the stairs without breaking any limbs and she appears to genuinely care about the welfare of her ‘baby’ – a dolly she carts around, pats violently on the back and passionately shouts at. She is hilarious and frequently laughs at her own jokes. I would say, in terms of development, we’re at around about the same stage.

As usual, life is throwing out new challenges all the time. Having made the decision that, for now, I’m going to try working from home, I seem to have reached the slightly awkward point at which most of the other mums I’ve been knocking around with have gone back to their usual day jobs. It’s a bit of a taboo, but raising a family, especially when you’re living away from your own, can be a little bit lonely sometimes. I mean, I’m sure it will be slightly easier when M can use the actual english language (rather than just belting out loud raspberries at different pitches) and she’s pretty great company most of the time – especially snack time – but friends are important. Really important. People you can just be you with and be at home in their home. Being in it together.

You meet LOTS of people when you become a mum. You go to lots of groups and this whole new social circle opens up. But you can spend week after week never getting beyond small talk and it seems to take forever to really become anything more than acquaintances. Well I’ve officially stuffed that off. My mother has always said,  “If you want a friend, be a friend”. There will be plenty of others feeling exactly the same in that toddler group. I’ve decided to ditch my inhibitions. I’m making the first move and I’m not ashamed. I’m making moves all over the place. I’m pretty much ‘putting it about’ at the church hall. Who’s with me? (I’m imagining loud cheers and whooping – tumbleweed at this point is not what I’m looking for).