Keep it F.R.E.S.H this festival season

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For all of you who are braving camping at a festival this summer, one word of warning to you: all those celebrities you see looking oh so fresh, stylish and effortless. They aren’t camping. They showered. Effortless? They probably spent an hour getting ready.

Sadly, for most festival goers a quick blow dry isn’t really an option so here’s a few festival powder room essentials from a seasoned festival attendee. Don’t look surprised. I wasn’t always this square.

Mabel’s Festival Essentials


Baby wipes – Trust me you’ll need these. In abundance. Think of it as a dry shower.

Dry shampoo – You already know I swear by this product but that is never more true than during festival season. It will change you life. A few sprays every day and your hair will be looking voluminous right until the last day. A piece of advice: don’t even think about straightening your hair, embrace the curl. After working your way through a can of dry shampoo, even the most straight hair will be looking like an afro. There are worse things though so just get with it. Better curly than greasy. Trust me.

Sun tan lotion – Burned is not a good look. Even at a festival. Plus it makes sleeping in a tent at night jolly uncomfortable. Even if it’s chucking it down (likely) make sure you’ve at least got some SPF on your face.

A deodorant that works – Greasy hair is one thing. Body odour is another, more serious issue. In this day and age smelling is frankly unacceptable. Invest in a deodorant that works. Nobody wants to be sharing a tent with a sweaty Betty. Sure, 48 hour protection is always a safe bet.

Hand sanitiser – Normally I wouldn’t be in favour of OCD encouragement products. After all a little bit of dirt is good for us, right? Helps build anti-bodies and all that. However, festivals are a major exception to this rule. Other people can be gross and this is no more evident when they’ve been drinking. Possibly for four days straight. Dirt from nature is one thing. Dirty humans is another. Sanitise those hands, because you don’t know where the other persons have been. Portaloos. Say no more.

Multi-tasking products – Remember you’ll be lugging everything around and trust me even if on day one you’re painstakingly applying your usual make-up routine by day 4 you’re not going to care that much. Bring products that are quick and easy to apply (i.e. without the mirror that someone has inadvertently stood on, on day 2). I’d recommend Nars the Multiple for eyes, lips and cheeks and Bliss Problem Salved 20-in-1 for pretty much everything else.


Face wipes – Normally I’m a stickler for a proper cleanse and moisturise skin care routine but this is a bit unrealistic at a festival so just make sure you’ve got some good cleansing wipes to rid your skin of the daily dirt. Avoid the temptation to just use a regular baby wipe. Irritated skin is not a good festival look. And you’ll want something that can handle glitter, extreme eye-liner, body paints …


Dental hygiene – Very close to personal freshness in terms of importance. Unclean teeth is pretty socially unacceptable (and rightly so) even at a festival. And with Lush’s Toothy Tabs there really is no excuse. Just crush and rush for minty fresh breath. Easy!


These 8 items will save your life at a festival. Well maybe not your life but definitely your face and general appearance. None can be missed but optional extras may be added such as glitter eyeshadow, long-lasting mascara, glam-rock liner – festivals mean FUN all over your face – but be warned, what looked good on day one may appear a little crusty and gross by day four. When in doubt just stick to a nice tinted moisturiser. Your face will probably welcome the product overload break! Above all: Keep. It. Fresh.