Getting ready for frolicks at the Fringe

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The last few weeks seem to have been filled with jollity. A little dose of sunshine does MARVELLOUS things. It has been back to back barbecues, picnics, trips to the seaside, birthday parties, day-trips and fun times! The odd torrential downpour has scuppered a few plans latterly but after the blazing heat of the last few weeks a shower just seems like a bit of fun, doesn’t it?! My, how the tables have turned.

Here in bonnie Scotland, theres a magnitude of fabulous things to be getting involved in. If you’re looking for ways top entertain your friends or family don’t miss out on a full line-up of treats at the Edinburgh Fringe, kicking off THIS WEEK with almost a month of fantastic events (plenty of which are free) and an atmosphere well worth having a good soak in.

On the Log this week, I am DELIGHTED to be reintroducing the truly brilliant Kezia Hall to you all. Do you remember the Coffee Morning Scrub? Well she’s going to be giving us regular insights into healthy living and being good to our bodies over the coming months and I, for one, am EXTREMELY excited about it. We’ll also be looking at some fashion and beauty picks as well as some perfect prezzies for new babies (has the novelty of little price George worn off yet? Not quite).



Mabel X