‘Hardwear’ for little girls

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As you know, here at Mabel’s Log we are always looking out for brilliant, local, small businesses that are doing something that’s worth raving about. That’s why I am very excited to introduce you to ‘Hardwear’, a Scottish label making lovely things for us and our little ones.

Holly Baxter and Matthias McGregor, are a young  and dynamic design duo. With Holly’s creative costume construction background and Matthias’ analytical knowledge, the duo combined their talent to create an exciting new clothing brand. With the joining of their skills, Matthias and Holly have taken control of all aspects of their unique clothing label, overseeing the design, manufacturing and selling of their garments. Operating under the tagline ‘Made in Wild West Glasgow’, the brand’s main focus is to locally produce their brand as a stand against the use of sweatshop manufacturing, with an aim to collaborate with other Scottish designers and suppliers.

Having had their adult clothing range successfully stocked by ASOS, the addition of a children’s clothing range is relatively recent. They are starting with togs for girls aged 6 months to 6 years, using locally sourced boiled wool from family run Glasgow supplier, Fabric Bazaar. As an exciting development, the duo will be adding new lines to their existing collection on the first of each month so they are definitely one worth watching!


The collection can now be purchased on the brand’s official website – click HERE, and have a rummage through their clothing for adults at their ASOS Boutique shop.