Skye’s the Limit

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Well it’s been holiday time for both of us at Mabel’s Log over the past couple of weeks. Whilst one half of Mabel jetted off galavanting to Maine on the east coast of North America, her alter-ego dandered (jetted is too strong a term) to the slightly less glamorous but just as beautiful Isle of Skye. Now, anyone who knows me will know that organization and forward planning are strengths that neither I, nor my husband (he is far worse for the record) are fortunate enough to be blessed with. As a result, after some hastily cashed in paternity leave, we spent the whole of Monday ringing any and every holiday cottage we could find online with a search criteria that started out as a picture perfect chocolate box home on Tiree and, after 7 hours of failure, ended eventually with only one remaining criteria, an open fire. As the sun was setting (you know, just to add to the drama) we struck gold with a beautiful cottage on the North Coast of Skye and jumped in the car first thing the next morning. Sometimes in life, when insanity is looming on the horizon (a recurring nightmare with an 8 week old baby), you’ve just got to get away and get some sea air. There’s nothing like it.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Stein, a tiny village in an area the Skye folk call Waternish, had nothing but a brilliant pub (the oldest on the island), a fabulous fish restaurant and a couple of crafty spots to have a potter around. Other than that, it was just fresh air, a sea view and the wind in our hair. The sun shone – God was on our side – and after 5 minutes it felt like we’d been away for a week. On a side note, the weather in that part of the world is nothing short of extraordinary – you really can experience the full force of the four seasons in as many minutes. Extreme. Not a time to worry about blow-drying your hair – it’s all about the windswept look.

So long as you’re not looking for some guaranteed sunshine (or guaranteed anything for that matter), Skye really is a wonderful place for a holiday – tremendously rural and the full ‘island life’ experience at the same time there being plenty going on if you fancy looking for it. In the log this week I’ll be bringing you some of my highlights – delicious places to eat, Skye’s most fabulous home-grown produce for your powder room, wardrobe and house, and a report from baby’s first holiday in the Nursery. I think we got up to just enough to write about, but to be honest, as all the best holidays go on the west coast of bonnie Scotland, the majority of the time was spent doing not a lot in front of a roaring fire. Snug. Think ‘Local Hero’. What a film.

A few sneaky snaps to wet the appetite …


MISS IT MISS OUT – If you’re in Glasgow this week and at a loose end then DO NOT (as I resorted to last week) find yourself lured in by Top Dog Model. I’m all about low brow TV but it really is on another level. Instead, get yourself along to The Telegraph Adventure Travel Show this weekend (6th-7th Oct) at the SECC. It’s billed as the UK’s foremost travel event for people who like to travel outside the mainstream – whether it be a small-group adventures, exclusive expedition or epic journey. The perfect place to plan your next holiday!  Mint. Tickets are a tenner.