Raising Mabel – Chumming up with Parenting Across Scotland (PAS)

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As you know, last week we took our eight-week-old wee bonnie lassie to the beautiful Isle of Skye for her very first proper holiday. It was great to fill her little lungs with some good old-fashioned fresh air and it certainly put some colour in her cheeks. I tell you something, though: going on holiday isn’t what it used to be. At two months she was, as suspected, oblivious to the idea of kindly adjusting her routine to sleep through the night for a few days or stay in bed ‘til noon. It was a long shot. But she did keep schtum through lunch everyday, which meant that we could actually complete a civilized two-way conversation whilst eating with both hands. Such luxury. Actually, it was really important. I hadn’t realised how little we’ve been able to do that over the last couple of months – just properly talk about fun stuff and the future and make plans instead of just getting jobs done, being generally exhausted and trying to listen over the bellows of a demanding little one. It felt good.

As parents we’re doing a big job and it isn’t easy. Let’s all pause to give ourselves a blinking pat on the back. I am blessed to have my life filled with supportive people and it’s hard enough even then (you’ve all read some of my many disastrous moments!) but many have it much tougher. This week I’ve been alerted to the charity Parenting Across Scotland (PAS) who are hotly anticipating the new Scottish Government’s National Parenting Strategy. How we parent our children is possibly the most important job on the planet – we are building the society of the future, giving our children dreams and visions for their lifetimes and shaping the culture we live in. We want them to be raised in a safe environment where they are free to be themselves, receive a great education and have the hope of an fulfilling and happy future. It’s only right that it should be on the agenda for the Government too.

The Scottish Government wants to make Scotland the best place in the world to bring up children and so they have put together a National Parenting Strategy to provide better support for parents. This Wednesday they have decided to launch their proposals at the PAS conference. They’ve asked the assistance of me and you to help them gather ideas on what we, as parents, think would make Scotland the best place in the world to bring up children.

What help do you think mums and dads need?

What do you think would make Scotland the best place in the world to bring up children?

Post your thoughts and comments below or tweet using hashtag #pas12 and have your say in making Scotland a brighter place for the generations to come. In the words of Gladiator, ‘What we do in life, echoes in eternity’. Got to love a bit of Gladiator.