Playing tour guide and third wheeling on a break up

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This weekend I played tour guide to some friends in and around Scotland’s great capital. We saw the castle, walked the Royal Mile and climbed to the top of Arthur’s seat. I won’t lie, my feet are really feeling it this morning. Blisters on both my pinky toes. Grim. A great time was had by all though and I was a near perfect tour guide, even if I do say so myself, ha! Honestly though I always love going through to Edinburgh, it really is such a pretty city.

Apart from being pretty it was also extremely cold. I practically had to scrape my car the other day. Surely winter isn’t here already? What happened to summer? Bad times. I was hoping for an Indian Summer. It’s so dark too. Okay that’s enough of me  moaning about the weather. At least it’s dry. A pretty sunny too. There’s the bright side I was looking for.

In other Edinburgh related news, I was sitting on a park bench on Saturday waiting for my friends when a couple sat down on the bench along side mine. Just as I was about to get up as I starting feel too much like a third wheel on their date, I realised that I wasn’t intruding on a date, I was intruding on a break up. I won’t lie it was pretty awkward but my curiosity got the best of me and I stayed still. I really felt for the girl, from what I could tell they hadn’t been going out for too long but I think she’d thought it was quite serious. The guy seemed quite nice too to be honest he was trying to let her down gently but he should’ve just bit the bullet. There really isn’t any point in prolonging the agony of a break up is there? In the end she pretty much ran off and the guy was left with his head in his hand and I was left feeling pretty awful about intruding on the whole thing. Breaking up is never easy to do but what’s worse being the dumper or the dumpee?

COMING UP THIS WEEK: More meals under a fiver, a remedy for my blisters, furniture from around the world, and much, much more.

MISS IT, MISS OUT: On Saturday from 10.30am the wonderful folk at the Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane are hosting a craft fair complete with free crafty workshops and carroty fundraising. Sounds pretty good to me.

CALLING ALL CRAFTIES: I know this time of year is prime time for fairs whether be craft, Christmas or otherwise. If you’re organising anything, get in touch and let me know I’d LOVE to give you a shout out!

Have a great week.


Mabel x

P.S. What about all that X Factor controversy…crazy! And it’s only week one!