Have a break, have a foot bath

After being on my feet all week at work, doing the walking tour of Edinburgh complete with a hike up Arthur’s Seat probably wasn’t the best idea. On Sunday night my feet were aching with the two biggest blisters on my pinky toes. Bad. Times. Staring down the barrel of another week on my feet whilst nursing these two blisters was not a pleasant prospect so I decided to take matters in to my own had and whip myself up a healing and relaxing foot bath. Here’s what I did:

What you need
Olive oil with a few added drops of lavender oil if you have it
Peppermint tea bag
Camomile tea bag
Espom salt
Rock salt
A basin big enough for your feet
A heavy moisturiser
A pair of old socks

What to do…

1. Squeeze the lemon and then burst open the tea bags and add them along with everything else. Now you’ll notice that my Epsom salts are half blue and half white. this is because I ran out of my Epson salts and had to buy these special Radox salts but using 100% epsom salts works just as well.
2. Fill the basin about one half the way with boiling water and then add cold water so the foot bath isn’t too hot as this can be damaging to your skin.
3. Soak ’em. This is the good part. I tend to just soak mine for as long as the water stays warm and if i’m feeling especially sore I’ll boil the kettle and add a splash more to make it last a little longer.
4. Toil your feet dry but don’t rub them too much. it’s okay if they are a little damp.
5. Apply a thick moisturiser to lock in all the moisture. Don’t hold back on the moisturiser. Slap it on extra thick.
6. Put a pair of old socks on to ensure you can put on plenty of moisturiser. Go to bed with the socks on. Try to have an early night. Nothing heals an aching body quite like a long sleep.

I can tell you that when I woke up my feet had never been as soft and sweet smelling. My family can certainly attest to the smelling part…

Have you got any miracle cures for sore feet. If so share with the group please!