Good Times at the Good Food Show

Well after a pretty dire week of weather, the weekend was actually not too bad. Just in time for the kids going back to school I might add. Isn’t it always the case that the weather is lovely when you’ve got to go to school and completely rubbish when we’re off. That’s always how it seemed when I was at school anyway.

Anyway, at least we all got a nice weekend. Mine was pretty jam packed. In a nice, relaxing kind of way though. I went for brunch at Cafezique in the west end with my family on Saturday where I enjoyed some delicious banana french toast and maple syrup. Not exactly great for the waist line but delicious none the less.

Afterwards it was yet more food as I headed off to the BBC Good Food Show at the SECC. Free samples a plenty. Bring. It. On. There were so many fantastic stalls (I sense a fair few posts on the horizon) but I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top three.

1. Mannings Juice. This features for two reasons. Firstly, the juice is absolutely MINT. I ended up buying four bottles, two pear and two apple and I’ve already made my way through one and half of them. The other reason is because there was a great chap, Cassian, working on the stall who couldn’t have been any nicer. Anyway I got to chatting with him and it turned out that he had personally been responsible for the juice in my bottle. Legend. For more information click HERE.
2. The Little Veg Company. I’ve been on the hunt for a veg box delivery service for a while but I think my search is finally over. The Little Veg Company is a family run business based in the South of Glasgow that is passionate about supporting local farmers and seasonal produce. You can’t really argue with that now, can you? Click HERE to order your veg box.
3. The Dancing Goat. This great coffee shop in the South Side of Glasgow makes some of the best cakes I’ve had. What’s more they’ve got a farm shop selling all local produce from black pudding to freshly baked bread. Not too shabby. I hear they do the odd comedy night too. Not half bad. To find out more about the goat, click HERE.

After eating my body weight in free samples I was fit for nothing on Saturday night apart from curling up by the fire, watching a good movie and having an early night. I got up sharpish on Sunday though a went with some friends for a long walk around Loch Lomond. I’d wrapped up warm fearing the worst but it was actually an absolutely gorgeous day, with the sun splitting the sky. All and all I’ve had worse weekends, and there’s a not bad week ahead either…

COMING UP THIS WEEK: We’re celebrating 140 years of magnificent fish smoking from the Fortune family in Kitchen, catching up on the latest antics from our new mum in Nursery, getting kitted out for autumn in Wardrobe, getting creative in House and sharing some more savvy secrets from the Powder Room.

MISS IT, MISS OUT: On Tuesday night The Astronomical Society of Glasgow is hosting a stargazing event for all the family at 7.30pm at the Botanic Gardens. I can think of worse ways to spend an evening than staring up at the night sky. For more information click HERE.

I hear it’s supposed to be dry all week so enjoy the great outdoors while it lasts. I hate to be cynical but by next week it’ll probably be lashing it down again.

Have a great week.


Mabel x