Getting Festive

I recently stumbled upon this picture. My first thought was goodness gracious that person is committed to Halloween, they must be American. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought how nice it is to get in to all the holiday’s in a big way. I mean who doesn’t love decorating at Christmas? So why can’t we just throw ourselves into for all the holidays (heck let’s even put up an ornament for days that aren’t even really holidays). So in the spirit of my new found love of the holidays and decorating here are a few ideas to spruce up your home this Halloween.

5 Quick and Easy Halloween Decorations
1. Talking Pumpkin. My brother and I used to have a lot of fun with this when we were teenagers. Perhaps it was a little juvenile and rotten of us to scare the younger kids but like I said it was hysterical. All you need to do is put a baby monitor inside a pumpkin and leave it outside your door for the unsuspecting trick or treaters. Lots of fun. Once they figure out how you’re doing it the kids love it too.
2. Glow stick balloons. All you need for this is a glow stick, white balloons and a black marker. Just crack the glow stick and pop it inside a white balloon and draw on an alien face. It only works for an evening but looks great while it lasts.
3. Cheesecloth ghosts. Soak a piece of cheesecloth (or muslin bandage) in fabric stiffener or a pva glue/water mix and place over a balloon to dry for about ten minutes. Once it’s dry pop the balloon and attached to black pieces of felt for eyes. Use your fingers to fray the edges and attach to a light with a piece of thread.
4. Bat lamps. Draw and cut out bat shapes on black paper. Hang some on the inside of your lamp and just stick others to the inside of the lamp shade. Turn on the lamp and let the magic happen.
5. Trick or treat. This is less of a decoration though I suppose you could display them in a decorative manner. Whether you’re into Halloween or not, kids absolutely love dressing up and wandering the streets. Or at least I did. Though perhaps that could’ve been because it was the only time I was actually allowed to wander the streets. Anyway I digress. The point is that it was always really rubbish when you rang the doorbell of a house and they pretended they were out. So this year why don’t you get into the spirit and decorated some brown paper bags to put some sweets in.

Well I’m off to decorate. By the end I fully expect my house will look as good as the one here. My neighbours will love me I’m sure!