A room with a view

You know you’ve had a few too many sleepless nights when you glance at the TV and read the title of the well-known and much-loved property show as Lactation, Lactation, Lactation. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

Thank the Lord, it’s now the half term hols and we’ve skidaddled straight down the road (and left a bit) to glorious North Yorkshire for a week with my folks and some well-earned help entertaining our 11 week old bundle of fun. She loves a bit of fun. Especially at night. When everyone else thinks that probably being asleep is the most appealing idea. It’s a curious thing.

Here, life takes a slower pace. Tenements from our bedroom window are replaced by rolling fields scattered with ginger cows and the only traffic pile-ups are caused by big red tractors instead of the rat race. Just what the doctor ordered. Now, if only the baby would take the hint and chillax too.

This week in the log we’ve got plenty of ideas for ways to entertain the kids if they’re off school in Glasgow, a two minute hair-do, a trip to a Vietnamese canteen, and finds for your home and wardrobe.

It’s all go.

MISS IT MISS OUT: The BBC Good Food Show is at the SECC this weekend (19th – 21st Oct). Pop along for amazing ideas and culinary inspiration for your kitchen (or just to scoff all the free samples).

If you’re doing anything fun this week then feel free to share your joy with the rest of us, and if it’s work as usual then give yourself a BIG pat on the back and enjoy the final of the Great British Bake-Off. Life is good.


Mabel x