A pretty, two-minute do

Looking hot in a hurry is a skill one can spend a lifetime trying to master. I tend to mainly look ‘hurried in a hurry’ and, depending on the weather conditions, either, ‘hot and sweaty in a hurry’ or ‘windswept and drizzled-on in a hurry’. It’s less than ideal. Such was my delight when I recently discovered this wee hair-trick that takes two shakes of a lambs tail and looks, well, pretty lovely actually. In a kind of vintagey disheveled way. Just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for getting your hair out of your face for the school run, when you’ve slept in half and hour too long before uni, if you’re heading on a night out straight from work or if there’s that horrid drizzle in the air that necessitates hair up if frizz is to be avoided.

All you need is one of these elastic alice bands – I found a pack of 3 for just a few quid in boots – and a few hair grips.



Place the head-band around your head on top of your hair.

Starting at the front, take small sections of hair and feed them up and over the band, tucking them in, until you’ve worked right down to the back and all the hair is tucked in.

Secure the band in place with a few grips, tucking them in where they won’t be seen.

Ta da. You can always loosen a few strands to rough it up a bit if you’re that way inclined!

I told you it was easy.