The Wedding House

Okay, okay I know I said this week’s post would be about the latest interiors (I promise I’ll get to it next week) but this week I’ve been completely distracted by wedding lists. Now I should say at this point that I am not getting married, probably anytime in the near future but I’ve been to quite a few weddings recently and I’m going to another one this weekend which has only intensified my obsession. Now I don’t want to say that the wedding list is a reason to get married. I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to take the plunge for the sake of a new kettle. However, if you’re ready to say I do anyway, it’s the perfect occasion to either redecorate your existing home, or furnish a new one with completely great stuff. I also like the idea of going round a massive department store with a zapping gun. How fun. Anyway, even though I’m not getting married, here a few of my favourite homeware items from the great many wedding lists I’ve been trawling through in recent months. Feel free to gift any of these items to me. Anytime.

Mabel’s Ultimate Wedding List


1. At £600 I’m not sure who would gift me the Libra Bryce Floor Lamp. Perhaps an extremely generous uncle? Who knows? Also I’m not exactly sure how this would fit in my current home but let’s be honest it is a pretty great light, isn’t it?


2. It’s been my dream, pretty much since I began cooking to own a complete set of Le Creuset cookwares. I just LOVE them. I think I would go down this mis-matched route but I do really like this graded blue set with pieces starting at £6.38 and going up to £120.


3. With prices starting at £495 for the smallest size and going up to £2200 for the largest this Keshan Rug again falls into the generous uncle category. But honestly it’s your wedding so probably worth chancing it. If no one gets you it, it’s fine and if they do: RESULT! I’m almost hanging my head in shame at having that thought.


4. Not sure if I would actually use this milk pale but it would most certainly give my kitchen a farmhouse kitchen look even if it was purely decorative. At only £15 I’d say it’s a total steal.


5. Most department stores do a great range of cushions which is a perfect affordable and lovely wedding gift. The do really nice matching sets but if you’re anything like me you can just pick a whole bunch of random one’s like this ‘Just the Ticket’ cushion for £30 and just throw them all together.


6. LOVE, love, love this clock. It’s £112 so on the slightly higher end of the Newgate range which has really affordable £40 wall clocks and more expensive £150 vintagey looking clocks. All of them are lovely and ideal for any wedding list.


7. I don’t know what it is about DAB digital radios but they are a mainstay of any of the wedding lists I’ve been onto so much so that even though it probably wouldn’t be too high on my own list I felt like I need to pick one. This Roberts radio from their revival range is a popular pick for a lot of wedding lists and I’d say as far as radios go, it’s a pretty good’s. £199.95 though. Offt.


8. Mugs fall into the same category as cushions. Only cheaper. At only around 8 or 9 pounds they are a great affordable gift and a complete necessity for any kitchen. Again there are matching sets of your can just go for a random assortment like the fantastic moustache mug. Have a cuppa and learn some VITAL information about moustaches. Ideal.


9. Plates. Rob Ryan designed these plates. Aren’t they cute? With the birds on them? I’d LOVE to be eating my dinner off them, wouldn’t you? £20 a plate though, so for a set of eight that’s a hefty gift. One for the generous uncle I’d say.


10. There are few things nicer than cosing up in a big fluffy bath towel after a shower or bath. I probably won’t go for cream, maybe a blue would be my choice but each to their own. These towel (premium John Lewis) start at £5 for a facecloth and go to £40 for a bath sheet so it’s a good wide price range present which is ideal for a wedding list.

Well those are my picks. I’d like to reiterate, just for emphasis weddings are not a about the presents but let’s be honest some gifts never hurt anyone.