Rowdy Roddy Vintage – for kids with serious style

A few days ago, whilst wheeling my screaming, tired baby around the streets of Glasgow in the driving rain, determined to lull her to sleep on the cobbles of Creswell Lane (it’s a glamororus life), I stumbled across a new addition to the De Courcey’s arcade posse of fabulous shops. It’s a gem. So taken was I that I returned 2 days later –  baby sleeping – so that I could have a proper natter, a proper nosey and make some proper purchases. Wow, I thought as I walked away, Rowdy Roddy must be a wee guy with some serious style.

And it turns out he is. Rodrigo, the little man belonging to Jolyne, has a lot to answer for. Originally from San Francisco, Jolyne lived in Scotland as a student and made the trip back over here to stay a couple of years ago, drawn by the love of a good man (as all the best stories go) and the tiny Roddy growing in her tummy. Since then he has burst forth in all his glory and it was her flare for dressing him up in vintage threads and original gear (alongside the itchy feet she got as her husband travelled for work) that gave her the notion of starting Rowdy Roddy Vintage. Jolyne found cool children’s clothes far too hard to come by and now successfully fulfills this niche within the four walls of her little shop in Glasgow’s west end.


If you fear that your child’s clothing lacks a little personality, ooomf, character, va va voom, or je ne sais quoi, look no further. At Rowdy Roddy Vintage – in the shop and online – you can expect to find a treasure trove of beautiful and inspiring clothes for your little one at surprisingly affordable prices. Jolyne has sourced fantastic vintage, second-hand and original clothing made by local designers such as Bibble, Tiny Vikings, Dear Green Place and The Canny Squirrel (who make fabulous cushions), as well as clothing by labels in the states that are rarely found on these shores such as Osh Kosh and Hara Juku Mini (Gwen Stefani’s clothing label). She also sells beautiful pieces by label Toto Knits designed by Flannery O’Kafka (another fabulously creative lady Glasgow seems to have coaxed from the States) that are organically and ethically knitted in Africa by single mothers. Amazing. In fact, it was Flannery’s lovely daughter Lydia who was manning the shop when I visited and, to cap it off, it turns out they all met whilst holding stalls at the Granny Would Be Proud fairs (find out more about my visits there HERE) – the world is SMALL.

After picking up a beautiful wee dress for my little one to wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks time, and lots of Bibbles as prezzies for friends, I can officially declare that Rowdy Roddy Vintage is my new ‘go-to’ in Glasgow for kids clothing. I’ve officially declared it. That’s how serious I am.

To find out more or shop online visit or email Better still, pop into the shop at 5 Creswell Lane, Glasgow G12 8AA