Put a little colour in your eyes

For what feels like a lifetime I’ve been wearing the same make-up night-out after night out. This past weekend though (the weekend of the Spanx incident) I decided it was time for a change so I whapped out the colour eye-shadow and went to town. However, when breaking with tradition of standard black eyeshadow you always have to be aware of the drag queen pitfalls. A little colour can be great, a lot of colour can look a bit like you’re headed to a fancy dress party. Another stumbling block is what colour to go for, after all there are so many options. Don’t worry though, I’ve made the necessary enquiries to people who really know what their doing to find out just what colours we should be branching out to. Read with care.

Blue Eyes: Metallics such as silver, gold, bronze and copper all look great, as do grey taupe, mauve and purples. Best to avoid any shades or variations of blue as these will just blend in or compete with your natural eye colour.

Brown Eyes: If you’ve got brown eyes you’re one of the lucky ones who can’t really go wrong. Golden browns, blues, greens and burgundy work especially well but you’re pretty much free to experiment where the wind takes you and it’ll never look too horrific.

Green Eyes: Go earthy. Go brown, go taupe, go ivory, go chocolate. But not all at once. Gold, bronze, copper, plums, pink and purples also work well.

Hazel Eyes: Again, go earthy. This time go for for mocha, khaki, soft plums and pinky purples. Purples work especially well for a contrast and teal is great if you’re going for a more dramatic eye. Stay away from blues unless you’re going for a dull look in which case go for it!

Grey Eyes: If you’ve got grey eyes you’re pretty lucky already as not too many people have your eyes so get ready to show them off. Go for charcoals, deep greys and browns, and purples.

Other Top Tips
1. It isn’t just eye colour you need to consider when picking an eyeshadow, skin tone is also important. The basic rile of thumb is the lighter the skin, the lighter the colour.
2. Be careful with pinks. If you’ve not actually got conjunctivitis you don’t want to look like you do. A puffy look is to be avoided at all times so be careful not to over apply.
3. Green is another colour to be careful with as it can leave you looking a bit alien. Literally.
4. To really make your eyes stand out use contrasting colours, for example blues wear browns.

Now go forth and add a little splash of colour to your eyes!