Penny Part 4: The Big Reveal

So here she is, Penny all shiny and ready to roll. Yes that is my feet in her mirrored face. And yes those are my slippers. No judgements they are very cosy! after peeling off the tape I used white spriit to make sure there wasn’t any lingering paint and gave the mirrored surface a good ol’ clean with a bit of elbow grease and some  glass cleaner. I ended up not doing to much of an effect on her as I thought the gold was perfectly bling all by itself. I didn’t want her to be too showy! If you wanted to give your mirror a more aged and distressed look though you could give the corners and other little details a wee sand and also flick little dots of black or charcoal paint onto it using a paint or tooth brush. This will give it the look of all of the frames I saw at the R&A last weekend. Though sadly i doubt your will house a Renoir!

The Best of the Rest
If you don’t fancy the look of Penny here are some other great mirror dig projects that I stubbled upon online. Give ’em a whirl and revolutionise your house’s mirror situation!


1. Traci who writes a blog called, Beneath My Heart used a technique she found over at Miss Mustard Seed to do up another charity shop mirror. One person’s junk really is another’s treasure! She also used sandpaper to give her mirror the distressed look – great minds, eh Traci? To check out her mirror (which remains nameless) click HERE. Also to check out Miss Mustard Seed to see where she got her inspiration click HERE.


2. Kelly at Blush!nk show you don’t even need an expensive mirror frame to do a great looking DIY mirror project. in fact you don’t even need a mirror frame at all. Just a paint brush and a stencil which you can download from her website – RESULT. Check it out HERE.

3. If you’re sick of looking at yourself, Christina at Full House with the help of her dad shows you how to turn a mirror into a great chalk and notice board. She picked up her mirror for next to nothing on craigslist so have a scour online as well as in charity shops for all the forgotten treasures. To check out Christina’s website click HERE and for detailed instructions for the mirror click HERE to visit Design Sponge another great website for all your DIY needs.


Well I think that just about covers mirrors for a while. Unless I’ve missed something – surely not! If you’ve come across any great DIY mirrors or have done one yourself let me know, or better yet tweet me a picture @mabelslog. GREAT!