Made in Maine

I’ve already told you about one Tom that I love, have a look at him HERE. But now it’s time for another Tom to strut his stuff and this time he’s brought to us from Maine. And also he’s not a shoe. Nope. This time he’s all natural products for your powder room.

It’s a very good place to start…
In 1968 Tom and Kate Chappell left urban Philadelphia for small town Kennebunk, Maine. Along with a change of scenery the pair also opted for a career change. As Tom had previously been employed in insurance sales I can’t say I blame him for wanting to try something new. So when they were unable to find natural personal care options for themselves and their children, in 1970 Tom and Kate decided to create and sell their own. with the help of a $5,000 loan from a friend.

Three Good Reasons to LOVE Tom…
1. It’s a real family business. Not only do Tom and Kate’s kid appear in the early adverts (don’t they look cute?), they were chief testers in their younger years too. And honestly who doesn’t love a family business?


2. The care about the world around them. Tom’s are committed to the environment at every level of production. They offset their electricity consumption by investing in renewable energy. They are so dedicated to their recycling programs that they’s eliminated half of their annual waste. And if all that wasn’t enough, in 2006 Tom’s donated 38 acres of land to preserve green belt land and build a Wildlife Sanctuary.


3. They give back. Tom’s recognise that it can be really difficult in the modern, busy world to find the time to get involved with the community so they let their employees use part of their work time to volunteer with a non profit organisation of their choice.


The Number One Reason…


All the other stuff is great but if the products are no good then nothing else really matters. Thankfully that doesn’t apply to Tom’s. All their products are natural with no artificial colours, flavours or fragrances, effective, and sustainable. More than that though the products actually work and smell GREAT. What more can you ask for?

If you’ve fallen in love with Tom’s of Maine as much as I have you can pick them up at Waitrose , and online by clicking HERE.