Lovely or Ludicrous – A/W 2012/13

The most observant amongst you will have realised that the autumn/winter stock has now taken up a firm residence on the highstreet and is making it’s presence felt. As usual there are pieces you spot and put immediately on your wish list in preparation for payday, and pieces you walk past and think, ‘who in the heavens or on earth would be seen dead in that?’ There are always some trends that should remain firmly on the catwalk and, if we’re brutally honest, didn’t even look that great there. But each to their own, and indeed, the look I question may be the very one you lust after. So, here’s the deal. You decide which of the following trends from this season’s drop are lovely or ludicrous, and next week I’ll hunt out the pick of the high street for the trend that comes out on top. The decision lies in your capable, fashionable but more importantly stylish, hands. No pressure.

The Leather Look


Leather or pleather, shiny or matt, leather is hitting us hard this season. It’s always been lux, but is it something you’d sport yourself? The leather jacket is one thing but is a leather dress or a leather trouser a step too far? Does a scene with Ross from Friends ring any alarm bells for anyone?

Cast your leathery vote now:

Leather - Lovely or Ludicrous?

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Big and Slouchy


This looks comfy. Big blankety winter coats and jackets, dresses so wide you don’t have to worry about going for seconds, and soft floppy trowsers you could smuggle all sorts under. But is it too casual for you? Unflattering perhaps? Do you just think, ‘buy that in a size that fit and it could have looked great’? It’s anyone’s game.

Cast your baggy vote now:

Big and Slouchy - Lovely or Ludicrous?

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A Print Mash-Up


A print on the top, a different print on the bottom and another one in between. Fresh and funky? (I’m not sure if the word ‘funky’ is banned or not in fashion. Probably.) Or do you prefer your prints just one at a time. Many would say mixing your prints breaks all the rules but hey, maybe you’re a big bad rule-breaker, you little monkey.

Cast your printatstic vote now:

A print mash up - Lovely or Ludicrous?

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Ok, I was going to carry on (there’s animal prints, gothic looks, tartan …) but I fear this may get dull. We’ll leave it at that. Cast your vote and next week we’ll go shopping. Yippee!