London Town

Well I don’t know about you but I had a fantastic weekend. I went down to London to visit with some friends and I had an absolutely jam packed weekend. I raced home from work on friday night and flew down on the 8.15pm flight. A great time to fly by the way, hardly any queue at security. Though I must admit I was pretty shattered by the time I made it in to the city so tragically it was straight to bed.

The next day started with a trip to the Royal Academy of Arts for the Impressionism exhibit. I’m certainly no art critic and a lot of the time I don’t have a clue what people are talking about when the discuss art. In all honesty a lot of it is over my head I think but one thing is for sure, I could not have painted any of the work on display in the RA. From Monet to Renoir some of the finest works of impressionist art was on display and amazingly it all belonged at one time to one man, Sterling Clark. Unbelievably he purchased some of the now priceless work for as little as $500. Talk about canny investment!

The rest of the day was either spent eating or taking in some of the Paralympics. Seeing these athletes in the flesh is really an unbelievable sight. Watching them push beyond what seems possible is nothing short of inspiring. It made me feel like even in the most challenging of circumstances greatness can still be achieved with hard work and commitment. If watching these athletes doesn’t spur you on to push just a little bit harder, I don’t know what will. It was also great to see Olympic park just as busy as it had been the few weeks earlier and the atmosphere between all the competing nations was brilliant. I found myself sitting next to the family of an Australian javelin competitor and we had a great ol’ chat (and it has to be said a few drinks).

Sunday was a slightly more relaxing, but no less great day filled with little markets, afternoon tea and the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern. I read recently that Damien Hirst is the most financially successful artist of all time. Honestly, modern art just isn’t my thing. I much preferred the impressionist art of the previous day but I guess everything can’t appeal to everybody and the exhibit was certainly very busy so he must be doing something right.

In other news something VERY embarrassing happened to me at the weekend. I’ll share it with you because we’re all friends but only if you promise not to tell anyone else, okay? So we all went out for a nice dinner on Saturday night so naturally I got all dressed up, Spanx and all. Anyway I guess the way I had my bag sitting my dress had slighted pulled up at the back. Now it wouldn’t have been all that bad really if I had been wearing normal underwear but sadly the Spanx were fully on show until a complete stranger pointed it out to me. What a lovely girl. It got me thinking whether or not I would’ve got up to complete stranger and put them out of their misery or if i would’ve just had a giggle to myself and let their oversized cycling shorts remain visible to the world. I hope the former. What would you have done? Oh life’s big questions!

COMING UP THIS WEEK: The final part of Penny (I really mean it this time), a look inside Rowdy Roddy vintage and Emily Lamb’s new Corinthian collection, the vintage tea room and some powder room delights. Sound good?

MISS IT, MISS OUT: The masters of art first year degree show is happening all this week in the Mackintosh Building on Renfrew street. Bob along to see the fruits of the GSA’s new Masters course in Fine Art Practice in its first year, with work in painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking by 20 artists.

Have a great week folks. Now that’s it’s September I’m really hoping for that Indian summer they’ve been saying we’re going to have. Fingers crossed.


Mabel x