Interiors Inspired by the East Coast

One thing I absolutely LOVE about the New England area is the houses. There something about them that is so different from the houses at home and yet they feel so homey to me. They are airy and bright in the summer time and yet as soon as winter rolls around and they are under five feet of snow they are cozy and warm.

On the outside
To me the perfect New England home has cladding, a porch and is painted a bright, fun colour. New England summers are perfectly enjoyed out on the porch or deck having a cook out. In my dream New England home I’d also have two chairs pointing towards the sea where I can just sit at night with my (future and very attractive) husband.  Sadly neither of these activities translate so well across the pond, unless you want enjoy either one in the rain.

On the inside
I think the main reason why I love the homes so much is that the New Englanders seem to share my obsession with wood. I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence but one of my most dear friend’s from the East Coast actually dated a chap who competed in wood chopping competitions. Sadly it didn’t work out as she could’ve been set up with wood for life. Oh the dream. Whether they are burning in a wood burning stove, using it to hold up their houses or painting it white for a clean summery feel, New Englanders LOVE their wood.

A Touch of New England to Bring Back Home
Think beachy. Think wood. Think signage. New England interiors to me are light and airy and inspired by the thing they love the most, the ocean, the outdoors and delightful little sayings. In terms of colour think blues and whites and with decorations think lighthouses and shells (though preferably not just an occasional conch). But most importantly think signage. I’m not sure if this is peculiar to the East Coast or it’s a nationwide thing but the Americans living in New England LOVE signs with sayings on them. My personal favourites include ‘life’s a beach’ and ‘I love you more than bacon’. I’ve yet to go into a an East Coast home and not find one of these signs. This past trip I also picked up these serving spoons made from Maine wood. It’s their biggest export (after flannel) so it’s not too tricky to get a hold of if you want a touch of genuine New England in your home.