How to blush the right way

So when I went for my Bare Minerals make-over I discovered that for years I had been using the wrong blusher and applying it completely incorrectly. Now I absolutely LOVE blusher so you can imagine how devastating this was for me. Thankfully I was pointed in the right direction and I won’t make the same mistake again. If I’ve now got you paranoid you’ve been doing the wrong thing for years, fear not, just follow my simple guide to blusher heaven. MINT.

What shade?
Warm colours like peaches and coppers work well with olive skins. Natural pinks work well for fair skins. The lighter the skin, the lighter the pink. Plums and berry shades work best for dark skins.
If you’re unsure of your skin tone, visit the Cover Girl Website by clicking HERE to take their skin tone, colour match test.
TOP TIP: Whatever the colour, try and stay away from very shimmery colours. As I said last week, too much glitter is only acceptable if you’re below ten.

How to apply…
1. Use a small, dome-shaped brush with dense bristles for the best blusher application.
2. Smile.
3. Start by applying the blusher to the round ‘apples’ that pop when you smile.
4. Blend the line up and back towards your temple.
TOP TIP: It’s aways better that your blusher line lies a bit high than under your cheekbone. So if in doubt start your blusher line a little higher than you initially think.

What product?
I’ve been using No. 7 Natural Blush, £8 for as long as I’ve been using make-up. It doesn’t come in as many different shades as some of the more expensive products but I doubt you’d have too much bother finding a shade to suit you. The great thing about this blusher is it goes on quite light and is good for gradually building a good blushed look without looking like a clown. Literally.

Bobbi Brown Blush, £18 comes in an unbelievable 16 different colours from Almond to Cranberry so there is no excuse for wearing the wrong colour. Best applied with a brush but can also be used with your finger in a bind.

At £20.50 Laura Mercier’s Second Skin Cheek Colour is the most expensive of my picks. Laura’s products are worth splurging on though, because they do work. The blusher comes in almost 20 shades from soft clove to barely pink. Every shade has a depth of colour and luminosity unusual for a matt, powder blusher but unsurprising for such a great brand. You might bust the bank but atlas you’ll look good owing it.

Just find the right shade and nothing will do more for you than a good ol’ bit of blusher. It’s the miracle pick-me-up for the grim weather we are about to endure for the next three months so I suggest finding your colour now, before it’s too late!