Five make-up disasters

I would definitely say that i have found my make-up routine through trial and error. On occasion it’s been through some pretty horrific errors. Embarrassing errors. Life scarring errors. Well maybe not that bad but I definitely recall going to disco when I was younger with my eyelids practically coloured in with eyeliner. Disaster. Anyway, I’m sure no-one has gone completely unscathed on their hunt for a make-up routine that works for them but here are five pretty shocking mistakes that should be avoided like the plague.

Five Common Make-up Blunders
1. Beware of the lip liner. I’m warning you of this from personal experience. I once went to a party looking like a clown. It wasn’t a fancy dress party. In my defence i think there was a trend at the time of wearing a liner that was darker than your lipstick. That was a trend at one point…right? Anyway, this method is to be avoided at all costs. Lip liner is supposed to be used to avoid the bleeding lipstick look and also to give yourself a slight boost if you’ve not been blessed with an Angelina Jolie style pout. However, this cheat can only be employed if it’s not glaringly obvious you’re wearing a lipliner so pick a shade that matches your lipstick and blend, blend, blend until your heart’s content.
2. You’ve been tango-ed. Despite what they tell you on ‘The Only Way is Essex’ orange is the colour of juice, not your face. Now, a bit of bronzer is completely acceptable, in fact I’d encourage it. Nothing quite like a bit of colour to brighten up your face but always make sure it’s always on the side of a believable glow.
3. Match it up. A miss-matched face and neck is a sure sign that your well bronzed face is out of a bottle and not just a ‘healthy glow’. This means one of two things, either you’re wearing too much colour on your face or not enough of it on your neck and chest areas. I’ll let you be the judge of which one applies to you. Avoid a really noticeable line by buffing the line with a big brush. There really is no excuse for a dodgy orange line below your neck…EVER!
4. Glitter overload. A glitter extravaganza is really only required of you’re going to a fancy dress party dressed as Ke$ha. A slight shimmer can be really nice especially on holiday or in the evening but I’d advise throwing out anything that even slightly resembles something your child might use for a crafting project. Remember the age old rule – less is more. This DEFINITELY applies here.
5. Cake face. Foundation and concealer can crack and leave pretty unsightly lines around blemishes, eyes and your mouth. Unless you’re going to a photoshoot try and to apply concealer sparingly. Everyone gets a spot now and then and it’s best to give it a good airing rather than clogging it up. If you must use a concealer and foundation use a setting powder and remember to blend, blend, blend and then blend some more. Be sure also to buy products that actually match your skin tone. Buying a shade three or four shades lighter or darker than your actual face will only draw attention to what you are desperately trying to hide. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake. Bad. Times.

Any other’s that I’ve missed? Have you got a horror story from your younger years that you want to get off your chest? For goodness sake share with the group. A problem shared is a problem halved after all.