Bring a little bit of the beach home with you

Coming home from holiday is such a drag, especially when the weather is grim and the nights are getting darker earlier. If you’ve got the holiday blues and find yourself reminiscing about days spent in the sea and on the beach then crack out some PVA and get crafting with the kids. It’s the only way forward, especially when it’s absolutely bucketing down outside.

What you need
1. Two paper or plastic plates
2. Sea side items like shells and sand
3. Miscellaneous craft items that can be fashioned into beauty items eg. pipe cleaners, glitter, tissue paper.
4. Paint. You’ll definitely need blue for the sea and whatever colour you want to make the porthole. I went with a reedy/orange colour.
5. Sticky stuff. I used pva glue, double sided sticky tape and superglue.
6. Scissors.
7. Cling film, or another plastic.

The Making Bit



1. Cut out the centre of one of the plates.
2. Paint the other plate’s centre blue.
3. Paint the cut out plate whatever colour you’d like to make you’re viewfinder.
4. Cover around half of the blue painted area in PVA glue.
5. Pour some sand onto the glue. I also used a little gold and silver glitter, just to give the sand an extra sparkle. Remember to shake off the excess.
6. Make it beachy. Add some shells (I’d advise sticking these down with superglue, probably best to give the wee ones a hand with this), some seaweed (real or faux) and maybe even some fish.
7. While your waiting for all the beachiness to dry, it’s time to put some glass to your porthole. I put double-sided on the inside of the plate and stretched some cling-film over the front and cut off the excess. Easy-peasy!
8. Add the details, put some eyes on the fish and some bolt holes on the front of the porthole using a black marker.
9. Stick both plates together using either double sided sticky tape or super glue. Done!

The perfect craft activity and holiday memory all rolled into one! Have fun! If you’ve done any crafting with shells, sand or anything else beachy, let me know. I’m all about crafting.