An Ode to the Fireplace

I don’t know what the weather has become where you live, but here in Glasgow there is a distinct and heavy wiff of autumn in the air. It’s chilly, it’s drizzly, it’s dark and that means one thing – it’s time to bed down, close the curtains and resign ourselves to ‘the fall’.  My theory is that the good old yanks call it this because it’s all downhill from here ‘til Christmas. Yes, it’s a little gloomy and miserable but, though it pains me to admit it, I secretly like it.

I like it mainly because I LOVE to cosy up in front of a fire. Any excuse will do. It’s one of the few major perks of winter (along with Father Christmas). I could stare into a fire for hours. At the weekend we spent Sunday lunch with great friends at their house on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Long, watching the rain fall on the water outside whilst nattering in front of a roaring log fire, glass of vino in hand. It was sheer bliss. And it’s got me in the mood for it. A fire, that is.

A fireplace makes a house a home, gives a room a focal point and warms not only your face but the cockles of your heart. Oh, how my chilly cockles could do with a warming. If I wasn’t quite so likely to end up accidentally burning my house down, I could easily have a fire in every room like the olden days; that would suit me just fine. I’ve been searching the internet, perving on fireplaces for inspiration recently and thought I’d share my most mouthwatering findings. Maybe it will help you put the summer behind you and get excited about cosying up in front of the fire with a sloe gin – hell, roast some chestnuts while your at it. It’s got me so desperate for some naked flame action that we’ve booked a last minute trip to a cottage in Skye to make sure we do nothing but stare into a firey pit for days on end. Bring. It. On.



See ya Summer, bar some crackin’ sport and some splendid Royal tributes you were a total let down anyway.