A wedding, a holiday and a set up…

Well I’m glad I put my feet up last weekend because this weekend has been MANIC! Mainly because as ever I left everything to the last minute and was running around like a headless chicken for most of the weekend trying to get LITERALLY a million and one things done.

But not only was it a busy weekend it was also a BRILLIANT weekend as one of my very best friends got married. Now I don’t want to take one hundred percent of the credit for this wedding but it really was my persistence that got the two of them. It was me who pushed them together at every opportunity, no matter how awkward. Me who kept the faith when both of them had given up. In fairness it was also my brother who told Joe to, as he so eloquently put it, ‘man up and just ask her out’. So Kez, Joe, I’ve only really got one thing to say…YOUR WELCOME.

Of course I’m just kidding (kind of) but they are such a wonderful couple. I almost shed a little tear as she was walking down the aisle. Partly because I can’t believe that I’m at the age when my friends are allowed to get married. When did that happen? But also because she just looked so unbelievably happy. And isn’t it lovely to see your friend happy? I think so.

Like a true best friend I was DELIGHTED to see that my friend had tried to return the favour. I only discover this whenI looked at the table plan and discovered it was pretty much me and a bunch of single guys. What a match maker. Needless to say I was overjoyed because let’s be honest two girls (she’d done the same for our other friend) and six single guys isn’t awkward at all is? Or obvious either. I’d say subtle. Really, really subtle. All the guys were lovely, I don’t think there will be anymore weddings any time soon. But really nice guys and we had a really good laugh.

The laughs continued right in to the ceilidh. I’ll be honest I’m not the world’s biggest ceilidh fan maybe because I had to do it from such a young age at the school I went to. I still remember the bruises I sustained on my arms after literally being thrown round the gym. Bad. Times. However, this time I managed to make it through the night injury free, which after a few G&Ts is a pretty good result I’d say. It is a shame that I didn’t get show off my other (killer) dance moves but I pas de baed with the best of ’em.

Another great moment of the night was my dear friend Joy coming up to me and saying she’d almost commented on my question about the best family films. Apparently she thought it was the thought of commenting that counted. Anyway I duly informed her that it’s not. So Joy if you’re reading this, actually comment next time. And everyone else, I really do want to know: what is your favourite family film?

In other news I am now officially on holiday for a week. I’ve got to say it couldn’t come soon enough, between my new job, and just general life the past few weeks have been incredibly busy and it’s just nice to be putting my feet up and enjoying the sun. I’ll tell you more about it next week.

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COMING UP THIS WEEK: I’ll be talking interiors trends, family movies, meals for under a fiver, homemade beauty treatments and autumn trends I can get behind. Sound good? Get involved.

Have a great week. Keep in touch.


Mabel x