A little walk in the countryside…

Well this weekend was slightly less hectic than last week. A welcome change it has to be said as I’ve just started a new job. Saturday was mainly spent with my feet up. Apart from when they were walking my round the shops. Sadly though not a bean of my hard earned money was spent. What a disappointment! Isn’t it true that when you’ve got literally NO money to spend you always see about a million a one things you want to buy and then as soon as you actually have two beans to rub together there isn’t a single thing you want? Bummer. Still I’m sure I’ll be delighted by the end of the month.

Sunday was again pretty relaxing. I went on a little jaunt in the countryside with my mum. The rain held off for almost the whole thing although it was a little driech. Though, with a little tweaking on photoshop it now looks like the sun was shinning!  The rest of Sunday was spent eating a nice roast and watching a program about The Carpenters’. What a voice Karen Carpenter had. Great band. Such a tragedy that Karen died so young.

I also had a lovely dinner with some girls I went to school with last week. Well the company was lovely but I think I maybe bit off more than I could chew where the food was concerned. I ended up staying a little late at work (what a diligent worker) and I had to cobble something together at the last minute. Not ideal but a good friend, Amy whipped up a lovely chocolate cake for desert. It was delicious. And the night was great, such a laugh. One of the girls (who will remain nameless) told us this hysterical story about ‘lunging’ at her friend’s brother. Needless to say it didn’t go down too well with her friend. Going out with a friend’s brother can often end in disaster. It always seems like a good idea at the time and then you blink and next thing you know you’re without a boyfriend and a friend. Maybe I’m just being cynical though. I’m sure it works out sometimes, right? If it’s worked for you let me know your top tips and I’ll pass it on to my anonymous friend!

COMING UP THIS WEEK: We’ll be catching up with ‘Raising Mabel’, talking beauty no-nos, interior trends, family meals for under a fiver, and asking the age old question, ‘lovely or ludicrous’. It’s all going down this week folks. You won’t want to miss it.

MISS IT, MISS OUT: This Saturday at Glasgow city halls at 7.30pm is playing Casablanca to celebrate it’s 70 year anniversary and that’s not even the good part. No, the best bit about this event is that the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra will be playing Max Steiner’s score live. I’m at a wedding but if I wasn’t I would definitely be there. So you go and tell me all about it. Deal?

Well it’s going to be another busy week for me. One of my very good friends is getting married on Saturday – fingers crossed for sun! And then I’m off on holiday on Sunday. I cannot wait! Just one final push and then I’ll be relaxing with an umbrella drink. Bring. It. On.

I hope you have a great week!


Mabel x