A little trip to Vacationland

Well my mother always told me, ‘never let a bad excuse get in the way of a good apology’. So I’d like to apologise to the many, many, many (maybe two) people who check ‘The Log’ every day and noticed that there wasn’t a post on Friday. Never fear though, the Power Room has been updated, so to get your blusher on, click HERE.

In other (and perhaps related news) I just got back from holiday yesterday. I had such a great time. Very relaxing. I went to a tiny little town on the East Coast of America. I’ve been going there since I was very young so it was lovely to catch up with some old friends, put my feet up, get some sun, have a drink and eat some good food. Pretty much my ideal week to be honest. But you’ll hear more about that later on this week.

On the flight home last night from London I was sitting in front of some chaps who definitely like to have a drink. Thank goodness it was only an hour long flight because they were rowdy. It wasn’t so bad, until they started ordering up more beers. Really guys? Honestly that was the last thing they needed. Nice guys though and it kept me and my two traveling companions very amused.

Sadly I didn’t come back to as nice weather as I left on holiday. Isn’t it so dark now? Before we know it the clocks will be changing and it will literally just be dark all the time! Depressing. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for some dry, cold days. Especially as I just bought a lovely new winter coat. It was on sale too – 40% off. It’s got brass buttons too. Lovely brass buttons. Honestly even if it’s not cold I’m going to wear it. So far just rain. And wind. Pfft, maybe I just need a North Face.

MISS IT, MISS OUT: If you were as upset as I was about The Chris Moyles Radio 1 Breakfast Show ending you can see him in Jesus Christ Superstar this week at the SECC. Sporty Spice is in it too. Result.

COMING UP THIS WEEK: I’ll be giving you the low down on all things East Coast America. From food, to furnishings, we’ll be covering it all. Get ready.

Well folks I promise to get my act together this week and post every single day. I hope all two of you are ready for it!

Have a great week.


Mabel x

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