What’s in my handbag?

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Ok, so I’ve clearly not had my finger consistently on the pulse in recent times. It might be more accurate to say it’s rarely on the pulse. In fact, I may be able to recall the exact moments over the last 10 years when it has neared the pulse, and even then it’s likely to have been by some haphazard turn of events that found me stumble face first (probably with my skirt tucked into my knickers) into the vaguely right place at the right time. That’s my excuse for only finding out about the * not particularly new * swanky website ‘whatsinmyhandbag.com’.

In a nutshell, it’s the place to be if you fancy a rummage through a really-posh-lady-with-a-highfaluting-job’s bag. Who doesn’t, I hear you cry? Well if you’re inclined to feel annoyed/jealous/angry/suicidal at the sight of piles of expensive, beautiful, designer lovely things that someone else has tossed haphazardly into a mulberry satchel (I’d have to sell my car for) and strewn across a table just begging for the opportunity to deliver the classic line, ‘what, this old thing?’ – let me just tell you now that it may not be for you. Nor might the bit where the people with enviably stylish lives tell you about what they’ve been up to – their swanky work parties, fashion hobnobbing events, and, in general, nothing that the rest of us get to do EVER. BUT if you dying for a nosey through someone’s bits and bobs and intrigued by which of the latest trends and products the people at the top are jumping on board with, then this website is so up your street it’s knocking on your front door just begging for you to come and play.

Just out of interest, and as a kind of painful source of amusement, I thought I’d tip mine out and compare. Needless to say, the contents depict a life not quite so glamorous, but they depict a life that is real and one that I am not one tiny bit ashamed of. So there. Though on the site I saw a lippy in some fashion editor’s handbag I really wouldn’t mind getting my mitts on.

So here we have it. My purse (duh), keys (necessary), a brolly (you’d be mad to leave home without one in Glasgow), a camera (I’ve actually been looking for that all over the house), one dirty nappy (in a nappy sack – that’s allowed – I’ll put that in the bin right now), one babygrow (in case of an inevitable ill-timed leaky nappy event), an apple  (I’m hoping it hasn’t been nestled to close to the nappy), numerous scrumpled receipts, flyers, a empty packet of maltesers I’m pretending I haven’t eaten, and a couple of tampons  (most of the posh people seem to have mysteriously left these handbag essentials of their lists). I’m not sure what all that says about me – perhaps that I need to get a grip of my life and tidy out my bag, and let’s face it, the rest of my house too.  An awful lot of it has no place in my handbag and is now in the bin. A productive exercise.

Now, and be honest, what’s in yours?