One giant step for mankind…

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Well I had a pretty eventful weekend. I headed off with a few friends on a sailing expedition from Largs to Tarbert. Now it’s fair to say I’m not the most experienced sailer in the world. I certainly won’t be winning any Olympic medals any time soon or heading off on a one man sail to America. But I do love being out on the water. There’s nothing like a salt air facial to give you a bit of colour and leave you feeling refreshed. That coupled with some fresh fish and a G&T (not whilst sailing) and you’ve got the makings of a pretty great weekend. We sailed past this slightly bigger vessel, The Waverley, the last seagoing Paddle Steamer in the world. A journey aboard her is slightly less work intensive than the boat I was on and makes for a really great family day out. For more information click HERE.

But back on topic: the real reason for the trip though is slightly more depressing. You see my friend has just broken up with her longterm boyfriend.  Needless to say she needed a weekend full of distractions. To be honest it’s been on the cards for a while but naturally  she’s still absolutely gutted. It’s not that they don’t love each other, it’s just he moved away for a big job promotion a few months ago and the long distance thing isn’t really working out. I can’t really imagine going out with someone in a  different time zones and not being able to just pop round for a chat or go out for dinner. Not to mention the havoc it wreaked with her phone bill. Brutal. I really like the guy, I’ve got to say and it is unbelievable job he’s got, but even i’m really a little sad it didn’t work out. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Did it work out? In the end i guess one of you will have to move and would the one doing the moving resent picking up their entire life for the other? So many BIG questions. Sadly i don’t have any answers. Other than taking her away for a weekend of fun, food and the occasional G&T.

In other news, this weekend saw the death of the great Neil Armstrong. Sending a man to the moon has to go down as one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and I can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like to be the first one to take those steps. What a bizarre feeling to look up at the sky every night and think ‘I’ve been there’. Unbelievable. Anyway, all that aside from everything that I’ve read Neil sounded like a really great guy, and a Scotsman to boot.

MISS IT, MISS OUT: It’s the Loch Lomond food festival this weekend. Get yourself along for some culinary delights. i picked it as one of my fav foodie festivals so it must be good. For more info, click HERE. Also if you haven’t already it’s your last week to checkout the jewellery exhibition at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. You really don’t want to miss that.

COMING UP THIS WEEK: I’ll be finished off dear Penny, getting an Expecting Mabel update, making a summer pudding (while it’s still summer), talking sunburn in the Powder Room and giving you some wonderfully wardroby delights. MINT.

If you’re reading this from down south, enjoy your long weekend. If you’re up north with me: Bad. Times. I hope work isn’t too dire. At least you’re not missing any good weather.



P.S. If you’ve been having Olympic withdrawal (join the club) get excited for the Paralympics kicking off on Wednesday. YES!