Hashtag Bad Hair Day

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This week I’ve taken to Twitter to discuss hashtag bad hair days. I’ve been putting a few of the very worst hair styles to the test, but I think I need to take a slightly more organised approach so I’ve decided to collate some information about the four hairstyles and we’ll see what you, my trusted readers, think. Let’s go…

The Mullet
After doing a little research I made the discovery that Mark Twain was among the first to use the word mullet. Who knew? Perhaps Huckleberry Finn was rocking a mullet long before Billy Rae Cyrus’ heat was Achy Breaky! Unbelievably, the ‘hockey player haircut’ has been tried by many including David Bowie, Meryl Streep and most recently Scarlett Johansson gave it a whirl. We can only hope that others do not fall foul to the same bad hair advice. Long in the back and short at the very is never a good look.

Now I think we all remember on that first day back of school from summer holidays there was always one kid whose parents had let let get braids on holiday. At the time I was very jealous. Clearly I didn’t have much taste back then. Thankfully now I have seen the light and am extremely grateful to my parents for saving me from myself. A haircut that doubles as a musical instrument (think Monica in Friends) is ALWAYS to be avoided and yet everyone from David Beckham to Alicia Keys have at one time thought to themselves ‘what I need today is a hair cut that allows strips of my scalp to be on show’. Surprising.

The Perm
I almost feel bad putting the perm on this list because I am a fan of big, voluminous hair. However, the perm done badly really is too shocking for words so it had to get a mention. Despite this fact Brain May has been persevering with his curly mess for years. Hey, if he likes it I say go for it! Others (including my dear mother) had a delightful example of the perm in the 80s when big hair was bigger and better than at any other time. Christina, really went all out for the curls in this picture, though I think surely all of that can’t be her own. Surely…

This is one style that I am 100% guilty of. Come on, it was the 90s! At best hair crimping just looks bizarre. At worst it looks like a bad electric shock. However, somehow a hairstyle favoured by little girls manage to cross over into the adult world. Thankfully it didn’t make the transition for long though as crimping was almost exclusively coupled with a brightly coloured hair extension. Just the one, and it was always a horrific clip on. Or was that just me…


Okay folks, you’ve seen the candidates now get commenting. What’s the worst? Have you got a great example of one of the hairstyles? Have I made a glaring omission from my list? Get. Involved. Let. Me. Know. Go.