Beautiful Braids

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Ok, so last week we talked ‘hair to avoid at all costs’. This week we’re talking about a trend we can get on board with. There’s no doubt about it. Braids are back. I’m not talking corn rows a la Justin in his uniformed years, no, but I am talking pretty plaits in just about any and every other variety. For the last couple of seasons, we’ve seen them everywhere; on the catwalk, the red carpet, glitzy and glam parties, festivals, at the beach … there appears to be nowhere deemed inappropriate for a plaited up do. Check out these celeb beauties rocking their woven locks on red carpets the world over. B-E-A-Utiful.


It’s oh so disheveled and undone Maid Marian, oh so pretty yet strong Princess Leia and it’s oh SO bang on trend. Here is a simple way to get the look in just a few minutes. It’s so easy even I can do it. And it’s fair to say I am entirely unqualified in the hair department. This works best with hair shoulder length or longer, but if you’ve got less than that you can still work with elements of it. Give it a whirl!

Bash out some braids

This ‘do’ is perfect for hair a couple of days unwashed and if you’re in a hurry, it is slightly more inventive and far more effective than ‘the greasy ponytail’ – an alternative look I am equally well rehearsed in. I’ll maybe save that for another day.

First give your hair a good spritz of dry shampoo and shake it all out so that your hair is matt and easy to work with.

Divide your hair into 5 sections as pictured.

Plait the front two sections back around your face (like a corn-weave) and secure them at the ends with a thin hair band or one of those tiny clear plastic ones.

Plait the middle three sections simply and secure at the ends also.


To give your hair a more disheveled and undone look, tug at the sides of the plaits to loosen them a bit. This will also give the appearance of more volume. We all love more volume.

Take one of the middle side sections and pin it up to the opposite side. Then do the same with the other side section so that they cross over and make sure the ends are tucked in and hidden.

Then bring up the central braid and loop it around, securing it above the others.

Finally, bring back the two braids from the front and secure them at the back, crossing them over and covering over any pins or hair bands, making sure everything is tucked in.

Now strut down that red carpet/walk to work/grab the bus/do the school run with great pride.