Back Garden Olympians Go for Gold!

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Last night I went over to my dear friend Joy’s house and the weather was so good that we decided to have an attempt at putting together our very own back garden Olympic games. Not quite as impressive as Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony but we are at least as competitive as the real deal. And that’s just the adults. Now we all know there are a ridiculous amount of Olympic events, I mean speed walking…come on! So after some serious trial and error we managed to narrow our Garden Games to only five events. Short but sweet. We’ve cut out the chaff so there’s nothing but fine, fine wheat for you to enjoy! Let the games begin!


 Mabel’s Back Garden Games
1. Cycling – We’re British so this is a must simply because we’re so good at it. If you’ve got some cones, you can put them out and do a slalom. If not, a long distance or sprint race is always good as well. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could do some rough terrain riding. Probably not suitable for stabilisers though so best to do with older kids.
2. A racket sport. Luckily we just happen to have a net last night so we played badminton. However, if you’re not quite as prepared as we were then you can either use your washing line or improvise the game. One option is to play keepie-uppie with either the shuttlecock or a tennis ball and rackets. The good thing about this game is that everyone can play all together. If you drop the ball, you’re out and the last man standing brings home the gold.
3. High Jump. This is a little ambitious to do at home but if you can be bothered making the effort it is very good fun. All you really need is a mattress to land on and a washing line or pole to jump over and a measuring tape. Simply measure out the heights and see who can jump the highest. Let’s not be purest about it, I say however you can get over the line is fine with me. Bonus points for a fosbury flop though.
4. The sprint. An essential to any Olympic event. Honestly I think I’m faster than Bolt. At least very, very close. If you feel like making things really interesting how about adding some make-shift hurdles with pretty much anything you’ve already got in your garden; a bucket, plant pot, a ladder on it’s side. The possibilities are endless.
5. A throwing event. We opted for the shot-put but if you feel like whittling some long branches you could give the javelin a go. You can use anything from a light-weight  tennis ball to a heavier cricket ball depending on the age of the wee one or to make thing especially interesting use water balloons. Messy, but very, very fun.

If you want to make thing extra special find out how to make your own Olympic medals by clicking HERE. Or if it’s all a bit last minute, invest in some Cadbury’s milk chocolate medals. That way everyone get’s a gold.