These are a few of my favourite … rugs.

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If I had a million pounds, there is a LOT of stuff I would buy. In amongst a couple of great bags, an Erdem dress and a new sewing machine, there would most certainly be a big, beautiful, colourful rug for every room in my house. Probably a really big, old, country farmhouse with wooden and stone floors and an Aga. Maybe a few chickens. If I had a million pounds.

The thing about a great rug is that you can set it against clean white walls and even minimalist furniture (if that’s your thang), and it instantly gives a room character, a personality, a bit of life. You can stamp a bit of yourself on a space with a rug.

A great rug often doesn’t come cheap. That’s where the whole ‘if I had a million pounds’ bit comes in. But I feel for sure they are a great investment; when you move house a great rug comes with you, a well-made rug will last indefinitely and if you choose wisely they certainly don’t date – my parents have a couple of big rugs that have been in the family for generations. Today I am giving you permission to grab yourself an heir loom. You’re welcome.

Keep your feet firmly on the … rug.

Ok, we might as well get straight to the point. Anthropologie. If I had a million pounds I think I’d be tempted to furnish my entire home out of there, let alone wangle a couple of rugs. As it happens, I don’t. But a cheeky wee rug? Maybe that could be justified.The title image of this post is actually from Anthropologie too, and one that I am proud to have in my own home (see the Nursery section). This beauty on the right is another fine specimen – it is made from wool and holds so much colour, it would give a bit of extra oomf to any room in the house. Depending on the size, you can pick this one up from £68 – £848,

Now, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have to admit I’m rather partial to a cowhide. Set on bare floorboards, they can give a stylish and warm edge to a room looking for a wee something. You can pick a cowhide from many a spot, but because every one is different, it’s worth going to see them in the flesh to make sure you get one with a pattern you like. This one is made by Strawberry Hills, £230,

Finally, this pretty number with a beautiful ‘Tree of Life’ design is fairly traded and Produced in Kashmir by adults working from home as part of a cottage industry co-operative. It has been hand-stitched using the finest chainstitch needlework from woollen threads and with cotton backing. It can even be machine washed on a wool setting – handy – and is available in three sizes. From £199,

Well I think that’s just about enough to wet the appetite. Why not try transforming a room in your house in one move? If you’ve seen a rug you love, or have a favourite in your own home, then don’t keep it to yourself – share the love and let us know!