Olympic Spirit!

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Well it’s finally here. Olympic fever has arrived. London 2012 is upon us. The games got off to an explosive start on Friday night with the Danny Boyle masterminded opening ceremony.

I watched with a bunch of friends at a kind Olympic themed party. We really got into the spirit. I mean there was no dressing up involved but we absolutely gave a big cheer when team Great Britain walked out, waving the Union Jack proudly. A note to corporate Olympia – there were absolutely NO unauthorised Olympic rings at this party.

Did you hear about that? The chap who ran the bakery south and made Olympic rings out of bagels and got asked to take them down as they weren’t an official sponsor of the Olympics. Bah humbug. Absolutely shocking. And apparently if you are spotted wearing a Pepsi t-shirt within any of the Olympic grounds you’ll be asked to take it off because the whole event is sponsored by Coca Cola. Madness, eh? Anyway, I’m looking for a volunteer to test this. So if you’re headed to the games and own a Pepsi t-shirt, get in touch.

But back to the opening ceremony. It started really well with Tour de France hero, Bradley Wiggins, wearing the famous yell jersey ringing a massive bell. Great, but the real highlight for me was the video footage of our dear Queen with Daniel Craig aka James Bond. I do not know how they got Queenie (and the corgi’s) to agree to it but it was fantastic and hysterical. And the Oscar goes to…

All in all i though the whole thing was very well done. I mean there were  a few moments where you wondered what the heck was going on but mostly I thought the whole event was very British and a great way to kick off the next 16 days of athletic competition.

Excitingly it only took team GB ’till Day Two to rack up it’s first medal. Lizzie Armitstead won silver in the 140km cycling road race. BIG high five Lizzie, you’re doing the country proud. Between you and Bradley I think people will be cracking out lycra all across the country. Offt, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

It’s not all just been Olympics this weekend though. I am delighted to report that my expectant friend finally popped. A beautiful baby girl was added to the world over the weekend thankful both mum and baby are doing well. The name’s still to be confirmed but I’m sure we’ll be getting an update from ‘expecting Mabel’ as soon as she’s got the nappy changing and breast feeding under control. Any day now I suspect.

MISS IT, MISS OUT: I feel like I’m surely missing a great number of things. If you’re running an event or know of something GREAT going on then let me know, I’d love to give you a shout out.

COMING UP THIS WEEK: We’ll be getting Olympic crafting in the Nursery, talking all things Olympic outfits in the wardrobe, getting the skinny on all things waxing, finishing off our tour of Spanish cuisine with a drink or two and I’ll be telling you about my love affair with rugs. Sound good?

Have a great week. Come on team Great Britain. Bring us the gold. Come. On.


Mabel x