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What an emotional roller coaster Wimbledon has been this year. I was nearly sick with anticipation yesterday. I tell you, I’ve always loved the tennis but what a difference it makes now that we have a player that we can actually pin some hope on! I. LOVE. IT. The result was an absolute gutter but Murray my love, you were my winner for SURE. He played like a champion and at least he took away a nice big silver plate. He can eat his chippy off that when he gets home and it’ll come in handy when his nan’s over for afternoon tea. What about that raw emotion? Not a dry eye in the house. Heart of gold. Next year it’s yours, pal.

The stars were out in force – everyone seemed to be there! From Posh and Becks to K Middy to Cameron – no one was going to miss out on the action on Centre Court. How do they all manage to get their tickets, that’s what I want to know? I’d almost consider being the mayor of London for the odd perk like that. Oh, and if there was ever a time to consider committing a serious crime in the big smoke, yesterday was the day to do it – no one would have batted an eyelid and half the people who should have been alerted would have been sitting court-side with their phones on silent and a Pimms in hand. The crown jewels were ours for the taking. Maybe next year.

In other news, I’ve had a weekend of cinema trips and hard-core glossing. Yes, it’s July and we should all be eating barbeques on the beach, but no, instead we all have to find indoor activities whilst we draw a blank on the fact that half the street is being washed past the living room window in record-breaking monsoon showers. I’m almost fed up of passing comment on it and that really is saying something as talking about the weather is a certain favourite past time of mine.

On the flick front I finally caved and went to see the new Avengers AND Spiderman movies. I’ve got some serious cinema points in hand now. I’ll choose my moment to reclaim them wisely – preferably when the most sickly rom com of the year hits the big screen. Oh, it’s all very tactical. I actually have to admit that I secretly enjoyed them both. Never have comic book characters had me in so much suspense (of course, the lycra and muscley thighs certainly help take the edge off things).  On the gloss front, it’s been a BRUTAL weekend of DIY. I’m still picking flecks of paint off my legs two days later and I can assure you that I have showered, bathed, soaped and scrubbed. No avail.  Three coats, THREE COATS and it still looks patchy. I have given up. And I’m hoping that said patches aren’t going to stare at me and taunt me for the rest of my life, reminding me of my decorating inadequacies and horrendous impatience. It’s a risk that, at this stage, I’m willing to take.

COMING UP THIS WEEK: Rant over. This week will bring with it MUCH joy, I am SURE. For starters here on the log we have homemade ice-cream, quilting, fashion finds, the latest installment from our expectant mummy (I’m able to verify that at this stage she is pretty HUGE) and more reports from Mission Beautician. Plenty there for a rainy day!

MISS IT, MISS OUT: Our favourite Glasgow shoe designer, Emily Lamb (who’s  creations are totally lust-worthy) currently has a sample sale with up to 80% off!!! Head down to the Design Collective Scotland epicentre – their fabulous shop at 86 Dumbarton Road – to snap yourself up an absolute steal! There is, of course, limited stock and the pairs are flying off the racks like hot cakes so get on it!

Right, I’m off to check on my third coat of gloss and I’m hoping that some sort of domestic miracle has taken place in the spare room since I’ve been away. I can but pray.


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