Mission Beautician: Hair Removal

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Well we’ve reached the final instalment of my mission to find Glasgow’s best beauticians. If this is the first you’re hearing of my very exciting mission, for goodness sake where the heck have you been? You’d better catch and quickly. Read the previous posts by clicking HERE (the introduction), HERE (the massage picks) and HERE (the best of the facials).

We’ve saved the best of last though. This week I’m covering hair removal. Lovely. Needless to say there weren’t a rush of volunteers to help Mabel on this particular part of the mission so I took one for the team and I can tell you my body has never been so hairless.

Best for eyebrows…The Brow Studio
The Brow Studio in Glasgow’s west end was one of the first places in Scotland to offer advanced eyebrow treatments, Billion Dollar Brows and HD Brows. I opted to go for the HD Brows. What are HD Brow I hear you ask? Prior to receiving the treatment the only thing I had considered to be high definition was my television. How wrong I was. HD Brows is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a combination if techniques, including tinting, waxing and treading. Serious commitment to eyebrow grooming.

The lowdown
I’ll admit I was completely nervous about committing to HD Brows. Not to say I’m rocking the monobrow or anything but normally a little pluck once a week or so does me the trick. I kept telling myself that hair grows the whole time I was sitting in the chair, head back unable to look in the mirror. The whole process takes about 40 minutes or so and to me that seems a long time to be poking around somebody’s eyebrows. I was fearful that i wouldn’t have much of an eyebrow left. However, I’m relieved to report that I was absolutely delighted with the results. Never have my eyebrows looked so good. Nicola (lovely girl), listened attentively to my concerns about liking a thicker eyebrow and just carefully shaped and tidied up my brows, adding shape and dare I say it definition to them. Apart from all the girls in the shop being lovely, the treatment chairs were comfortable and the salon was very tidy and clean. The only down side was the music – a bit loud and not really my cup of tea but I doubt I’d find a salon that plays Fleetwood Mac!

Best for bikini…NKD Waxing at House of Fraser
NKD opened it’s latest store in May. Located in House of Fraser on Buchanan Street tucked away behind the fragrance section NKD is almost hidden. Probably a good thing for a waxing boutique, especially one which specialises in intimate waxing. Now I think we’ve all heard our fair share of hair removal horror stories. And you’re bikini area is one place you don’t want to go wrong. I had one friend who shaved the whole thing off. Let me just tell you after a few days it was ingrown hairs and scratching a plenty. Dire. For fear of having a similar bad experience (it’s always a concern when trying a new place) I decided it would be prudent to ease myself in with a standard bikini wax. I have my reservations about getting the whole thing off anyway. I’m not sure I really want to look like my 7 year old self.

The Verdict
I needn’t of been concerned. First off there’s no need to feel any embarrassment. The girls at NKD are friendly and professional which made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. They really have seen and done it all before. Second off it was the most pleasant waxing experience I’ve ever had. Now there is no point pretending that having hair pulled from your body is the nicest experience you’ll ever have but I’ve had a few shocking strip waxing outings where the girl is literally having to repeatedly tug at the wax to get it off. Shocking. NKD however, use Perron Rigot’s revolutionary hot (no-strip) wax for their intimate waxing. Hot wax sticks to the hair and not the skin, which means there is less chance of ingrown hairs. I also found that this made the pulling (which was a bit more like peeling with the hot wax) a lot less painful, though I’ll admit by the end I was still dying for it to be over. The treatment was finished with an oil and gel which really did sooth any irritation. However, the real test of a wax is how it hold up over time. I went on holiday just 4 days after getting my wax and I’m delighted to report I didn’t have to worry about any stray hair whilst sunning myself on the beach. Always good.

Better Yet
The lovely therapist over at NKD are offering 25% off for all first time customers and a fantastic 10% maintenance discount if customers come back within 6 weeks for a repeat treatment. Can’t say fairer than that!

Going on holiday soon? Book yourself in to get all your body hair looking it’s best. It’s an essential, I’m sure you’ll agree.