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Who is Tom? That is a good question. Apparently there is no Tom. What a shame I feel like we could’ve been good friend’s him and I. It would seem the names comes from an abbreviation of shoes for tomorrow. I think I maybe would’ve preferred it if Tom had been an old guy with a beard either way I first started wearing Toms about four summers ago and I haven’t looked back since. To me they are the perfect summer shoe.

My first foray into the Tom was with the classic navy Tom. Now they are pretty much destroyed but in the warm, dry weather I still crack them out and they are just as comfy as ever. Since buying that first pair I have since owned about 14 pairs of Toms and they’ve never let me down yet.

A lot has changed since that first pair I bought though. Now Toms are available in a much wider range of styles. Some of the more unusual styles include a wrap boot. I’ve yet to take the plunge on this style, I feel I may look like I’ve sustained an injury but for those braver that I these boots are 100% vegan. A more accessible new style are the stitchouts – a slight nautical twist on the original shoe. Perfect for any holiday by the sea! Here are some of my other favourites.

Mabel’s Top TOMs
While some of the styles have changed though, one thing that hasn’t is Toms commitment to giving. With every pair of Toms shoes that you purchase the good folks at Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. They call this process ‘One for One’ and I couldn’t love it any more. To date Toms and their customers have donated over one million pairs of shoes in 25 countries. Wow.

The man behind the movement? Not Tom, but Blake Mycoskie who started TOMs  following a trip to Argentina, when he witnessed the hardships of children growing up barefoot. In honour of that visit every year people across the globe participate in the one day without shoes event, going free of their lace-ups for 24 hours. This year on April 10th an unbelievable 250 000 people went barefoot for the day. Sign up for updates on the 2013 event by clicking HERE.

For the more creative you get get involved in the movement by hosting your own ‘Style your Sole’ event, where you can decorate your own pair of Toms shoes. If you manage to get more than 25 folk to your event Toms’ll give you 10%off your order. Result. To find out more about hosting a ‘Style your Sole’ event click HERE.

Would you come to a ‘Style your Sole’ event? I’d like to host one, if you’d like to come let me know. Let’s get together and paint some shoes for a good cause. We’ll look ever so stylish if summer ever arrives! Give me a wee email at if you’re interested.

This summer TOMs have launched their latest venture – eyewear. The sunglasses are great and even better with every pair you purchase TOMs will help give sight to one person in need. UNBELIEVABLE. To find out more about this newest collection click HERE.

For more information about Toms, to buy your first of 50th pair of shoes, or to find out how to get involved with this wonderful company click HERE.