Looking FIT at the gym

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In homage to the Olympics (or at least utilizing a tedious link), its seems only right to attempt to get sporty in the wardrobe department this week. I’m not going to lie, this is not something that comes completely naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about staying active, fit and healthy but I don’t think I could quite be described as a gym bunny – I’m a little to squidgy around the edges for that and most definitely perspire too heavily to be one of those glossy, trim ladies with an all-year-round tan. I’m the slightly curvy one, red in the face, going a bit too slowly on the cross trainer because I’m focusing too much on the episode of neighbours on the screen, instead of keeping my heart rate up. But I feel sure that this is ALL about to change.

Never mind the old exercise bit, one thing I can commit to and excel in is shopping. And seeing team GB in all their Stella McCartney glory has made me realise it’s about time I revolutionised my gym bag. Yes folks, I feel sure that this is what I have been waiting for to bring me to my physical peak. New clothes. Oh, and a few added extras that can apparently make working out slightly more tolerable. Every little helps.

Here are the top items on my shopping list for my gym revolution. Watch this space. I’ll be ready and waiting, honed and toned, for Rio 2016.

The Bare Essentials – the bits you can’t live without

1. A good pair of trainers.

If you’re planning on digging out a pair of trainers from you haven’t had on since you were 15, think again. And not just because they are probably fairly hideous. Whatever happens to your feet affects your whole body and wearing a good supportive trainer is crucial in making sure you don’t do yourself some serious damage. A few pointers to bear in mind: you need to buy a pair that suits the activity you’ll be doing – if you’ll be using them for a variety of different sports or gym classes like aerobics, you will need a pair of cross trainers. If you will be concentrating on running, you need a pair of specially designed running shoes. Most sports shops will be able to give you good advice on which are which and what will suit you.

Oh, and apparently women should never buy a pair of men’s trainers in a small size as we have different shaped feet to men and need different cushioning because women have a different centre of gravity. So there. I love these Reebok Lady Realflex Fusion TR Cross Training Shoes, £69.99 – suitable for just about anything you might find yourself getting up to at the gym and offering good support and breathability so that your feet don’t get too worn out.

2. A great bra.

You may be fixed up in all the coolest gear, but if what lies beneath is something flimsy with no support, aside from the pain, you might have some major regrets when all that bouncing and pounding results in your bangers heading south before their time. Don’t scrimp on this – a proper, good-quality sports bra (especially if you have a fuller bust) is not to be compromised on – get is properly fitted in the shop (don’t buy it online if you can help it) and again, bear the activity you’ll be doing in it in mind – you’ll need a LOT of support for running but perhaps less so for yoga. Shock Absorber generally offer a gold standard – this Active Multi Sports Bra £30 offers extreme support whatever the sport and whatever your cup size. It’s ticking my boxes.

Going for Gold – the icing on the fitness cake



Top row (from left to right)

These shorts by Nike have cheeky undershorts so that you stay super comfy (no one likes chaffage), £19.99

This slouchy tee is by none other than the spectacular Stella McCartney for Adidas, the crowning glory to your splendid under-garments, made from cotton-touch fabric that sweeps away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Nice. £55

A nice cover-up for walking home or (controversially) doing actual exercise outside. From H&M, £24.99

Bottom row (from left to right)

With all these lovely new things you’re going to want a pretty new bag to put it all in, right? This one is, again, by the lovely Stella for Adidas £50

Keep yourself entertained as you work out with all your favourite choons on a colourful ipod nano – we really are stretching the gym-kit point now – you can even get a wee arm band to pop it in on the old treadmill, from £115

This magical watch not only tells you the time but also your heart rate. Useful for monitoring the effect that the hotty on the other side of the room lifting weights is having on your equilibrium. Oregon Scientific, £49.99

Well if nothing else, we now certainly all look the part. That counts for a lot in my book. Happy jogging!