Expecting Mabel – Nesting and Nurseries – An Olympic Feat

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Our spare room has always been best described as a dumping ground. For at least 12 months after we moved it was piled from floor to ceiling with broken/hideous furniture, items belonging to my husband I was trying desperately to throw away (he tends to find it easier if he witnesses them lying unused for a 6 month period prior to them going to the dump) and with the odd friend slotted in amongst the chaos who happened to crash over after a night out. Needless to say, transforming it into a haven fit for a precious wee one to abide in has been nothing short of a marathon-like feat. Olympic, if you will.

Anyway, once the room was gutted (this took a number of months and numerous trips to charity shops) we were left with a decidedly bleak but blank canvas. We then painted one wall a fetching ‘duck-egg’ shade – one of the few appropriate ‘baby hues’ (along with lemon yellow, magnolia and mint green) that are all a little dull but essentially deemed unisex. At this stage it all became a little frustrating not knowing the sex, but at least it gave the place a good freshen up!

It is now two days before my due date. For anyone who is feeling hopelessly disorganised in the run up to theirs, I would like to make clear that we finished the nursery yesterday (and you’ll notice there still isn’t a sheet on the cot – error) – nothing like leaving things to the last minute! I’m sure the baby is keeping a close eye on proceedings and has decided it’s safer to stay where it is. I don’t blame it for a moment.


Ok, so now I guess I’ll just give you a wee tour. I’m a little bit in love with my cot. I could literally crawl in there and have a snooze. It arrived yesterday in a HUGE flat pack and it felt like a bit of a ‘milestone moment’ building it together. My wonderful mother-in-law got us it as a gift and I feel like a very lucky lady. For anyone who’s interested, it’s by a company called Kub and can be turned into a bed in a couple of years time. Handy. The stripy blanket was knitted by my mum (what a legend, if only I had an ounce of her patience) and the moses basket was salvaged and restored by my parents – it’s absolutely gorgeous and with a new mattress, it is now ready and waiting for a tiny tiny baby to rest it’s head in it. On the other side of the room, we’ve spruced up a tired and incredibly cheap old ikea sofa-bed with a nice soft throw and a few furry friends so that we can still flip it out when friends are here to stay (I’m still fervently hoping that life doesn’t end when babies arrive), oh and the rug you can see in shot is from Anthropologie. My one major indulgence. I’m a pregnant lady, don’t try and tell me I shouldn’t have bought the rug.


We found this wee house lamp in John Lewis (again, when we should have been purchasing things we actually need for the baby) – it looks so cosy and I’m hoping it’ll be good for night feeds and what-not. The fabby ‘trophy’ moose was a much loved christmas present . You clearly don’t need a nursery to have this beast on your wall. They come in all sorts of different designs and colours and are made by an Italian company called Miho Unexpected Things. And the swan mobile is tricky to spot in the photo but is lovely and delicate – I found it on notonthehighstreet.com and gave into temptation. I’m sure it will entertain our baby for hours and mean that it practically NEVER cries in the night. I feel confident of that.


On one wall, we’ve hung a few wee pictures, the frames of which have been collected mainly from charity shops with the odd ikea one snuck in. Some of the prints are by friends and local artists and others are just funky wrapping papers or cards. A wee gallery on a shoe-string. The string of bells made from interlinked fabric birds in the next shot was another notonthehighstreet find and is wonderfully colourful and only cost a few quid, and the big, long mirror was picked up from the Salvation Army for £5. Can’t say fairer than that! In the next snap, we needed a wee chest of drawers so bought a wooden one on the cheap and painted it up. This is easy enough to do and, so long as the wood is stripped, a regular gloss paint will do the job. The amazing sausage dog clock on the wall has a wagging tail for a second hand and was a christmas present from one of my nearest and dearest friends. It is FABULOUS and if you’re a fan you can pick up your own from thepresentfinder.co.uk.

We’ve kept a double bed in the room too so that we can still use it for visitors, but I’ve jazzed it up a bit with this home-made quilt – it was a labour of love and I thought I’d never see the blinkin’ back of it but I made it to the end. If you want to make your own, all the instructions and my despairing diary along the way can be found here on the Log on in the House section. When half way through you feel like ending your own life, take it on good assurance that completing the task definitely gives you the ultimate feel-good factor.

It’s so funny to think that last week the place was a bomb site and now we have created a wee world to invite our new baby into. It’s all just so surreal. I go and sit in there sometimes and try to imagine what it will be like. We don’t have long ’til we find out for real now…